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  1. 1: Delux/Schumacher edition 2: Digital Xbox store 3: 7/5/2020 4: No 5: Gamer tag: zzd4v3yzz
  2. zzd4v3yzz

    Still haven't received my Pitcoins

    Pit coins aside i do truely believe that this is the best F1 game codies has ever produced. The way the cars drive is epic and once they sort any little glitches it will be wow just wow lol
  3. zzd4v3yzz

    Still haven't received my Pitcoins

    No exile youre the only 1 and i t does seem to be alot of xbox users, of which im one😂. Like you i was looking around incase there had been an answer and i couldnt find either. Hopefully they will have it sorted soon. Btw cheers for asking saved me doing it 😂 Cheers Davey
  4. zzd4v3yzz

    Vietnam crashing in TT

    Hi mate im really sorry to bother you, but not sure where to go or if there is anything that be done. Ive just been online ranked lobby, we were racing Britain short. I took pole, lead every lap, fastest lap and the win. But on the podium i was 2nd to a driver who left the race on the last lap , i saw the notification come up, he also didnt do quali but was in the race. My stats dont show my win either. Just wondering if you have any advice on if anything can be done about drivers like that, its the 1st time in all the years ive been racing online. Again im sorry to bother you with this, just at a loss Cheers Davey
  5. zzd4v3yzz

    F1 2020

    I think it would be cool if we had a choice of pit chief (jeff) rather than being stuck with an idiot who puts dry tyres on your car in a monsoon lol. But jokes aside it would be pretty cool. You can change your 2nd driver in my team career and other changes so why not jeff. I know in one of your earlier rally games you could do similar so just wanted to know why we cant do it in this game.. Also wondered if any other members had any funny stories of their jeff? Cheers Davey
  6. zzd4v3yzz

    Vietnam crashing in TT

    Sorry mate new to all this ill look more carefully next time
  7. Hi i just thought id have a quick go on Vietnam in TT, so i was in Ferrari when just starting lap 3 the game just stopped and took me back to xbox home page, strange i thought but as its a digital download i wasnt that worried it happens. So restarted the game and went back to TT in Vietnam in Ferrari and just strting the 3rd lap the exact same thing happened again, any ideas as to why this might happen. Cheers Davey
  8. zzd4v3yzz

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    zzd4v3yzz xbox one
  9. zzd4v3yzz

    Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Help

    Hey rolux61, Most driving games ive played do have pre set set ups, eg F1 2019 if you go to controllers in the pause menu youll find a huge list of different steering wheels, scroll down till you get to. TMX, click on it and enable. From there you can also edit your button bindings, calibrate your FFB, change the about of input you want on steering, braking and gas pedal. Or just set up up your wheel and then power up your machine and it will do it for you. Hope this helped a bit, good luck. Davey
  10. zzd4v3yzz

    New to the site

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone, im davey a very young 54 yr old ginger Geordie,dont hold that against iz lol. Im a huge F1 nut and love gaming
  11. Hi all new here, im looking forward to F1 2020. Its killing me all the waiting, i pre ordered it a month ago and it's just sitting there teasing me😂