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  1. Platform: PC Game mode: TT although it also applies to multiplayer Version 1.14 and 1.15 In the clip shown below, I am given an invalidation for exceeding track limits. Now I am pretty sure that track limits is given when all 4 wheels cross the white line. This clip shows evidently that I am actually still on the race track with two wheels on the inside white line. I tried restarting the session to see if it would re-adjust but no it still seems to be the case. I had the same issue at version 1.14 using the Mercedes car (before equal cars arrived on TT) as shown in this link
  2. The issue has returned. This time I am driving on USA and again the FFB just goes to non-existent and my wheel just has no weight over kerbs. I am going over kerbs to maximise entry speed into corners. Its quite difficult to send a video for it as its all on feeling rather than visuals.
  3. Im refering to the area before turning into T1 when you are close to the wall on the left which you need to be to get the best entry into T1. Yeah I am rather out of practice so its a case of adapting. I keep it in 4th to carry the speed and rely less on engine braking for me to coast in the corner. I would say I am over exaggerating with the Suzuka bump from 2019 in relation to 2020 entry into T1 bump at Monaco but its just awful to go over to take the corner, for a split second it feels like my car is in the air and not able to turn. I will try braking earlier than what I use and if I can ca
  4. hmm.... Slow in fast out. I brake where the monaco sign is at the top. I could brake about 10 or 20 metres earlier and swing the car into the apex.
  5. Braking soon? what do you mean by that?
  6. Before entering T1 there is a bump as you brake and turn into the corner which just unsettles your car on entry causing massive understeer and putting you in the barrier and damaging your wing. Similar to the Suzuka bump this takes away the fun of driving in Monaco and pushing the boundaries as I find this impossible to navigate without smacking the car against the wall or cutting T1. When I hit the apex I don't even take loads of speed into the corner due to the bump causing problems. I don't know if this is in real life and if it is then how is it possible to navigate the corner at speed. I
  7. Nah was playing on the PS4 and the kerb feeling was normal but on PC its just non existent. No sense of weight on turning the wheel with the wheel slightly pulling further towards the outside kerbs. Please look into this as this is affecting the driving.
  8. I think it has to be a bug on Codemasters end for programming the Logitech G29 for F1 2020. It makes racing actually risky for the driver with this wheel for a track like Australia fast left right chicane. Any further out on the kerb and you're gonna spin and it nearly happened when I was doing MyTeam. I took it fine and then on the kerb my wheel drags my car towards the grass and from that forced steering I nearly lost the car in addition to losing time to the car I was closing down to.
  9. I don't know if this is natural but for some reason my wheel is trying to pull my car away from the track when I am on the exit kerbs. It begins to veer off rather than transmitting the vibrations through the wheel. I have not encountered this on F1 2019. Sometimes the ffb completely disappears and the wheel feels super light and then becomes heavier (as per my settings). This isn't down to the logitech wheel being defective I don't think. ACC doesn't have this feeling.
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