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  1. I absolutely love the online experience this year. All except for the fact that when leading a race on ranked, the whole lobby deicides to leave and the game punishes you by not paying out any ranked points. It means I have to sandbag, risking losing the race just so people don't leave. Codemasters please look into this, it is spoiling ranked and means I can't progress.
  2. It's getting pathetic at this point. False advertising if you ask me.
  3. 1. Deluxe / Schumacher Edition 2. Digital 3. July 1st 4. No Gamertag - iiL BUCK iii
  4. iiL BUCK iii - xbox one
  5. iiL BUCK iii - xbox one
  6. Tuskn

    F1 2020 10% discount?

    Guess they don't want my money then.
  7. Hi, I seem to having a problem with the discount that is supposed to be applied when pre ordering the Schumacher edition on xbox one. I am trying to purchase it through the in game tile on F1 2019. Is there a reason for this? Thanks.