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  1. MayankParab46

    EGO dumper issue

    Hello guys once again, Its been long since this thread was created requesting reply please help.
  2. MayankParab46

    EGO dumper issue

    Hello there, I have been experiencing few issues since July and it still hasn't been solved. None of the Codemasters published games are not working on my Laptop. The games I have are F1 2019, F1 2018 and Dirt 3. Whenever I try to start any of the following game, It does not start and ego dumper pops up notifying m the game has crashed and exits the application. I did try contacting the customer service but still, it was of no use. After three reply e-mails, there is no response. I tried verifying game files, Reinstalling the games and went back to my previous nvidia driver to see if it works. But my efforts did not pay off. The problem still persists and I cannot do anything. My Laptop is Acer Nitro 5 with Intel i5-8300H CPU. The Graphic card is Nvidia GeForce GTX1050Ti 4gb and RAM is 8gb. My budget gaming pc fulfils all the basic requirement for running the application but I am unable to run. Please help. Regards, Mayank Parab
  3. MayankParab46

    Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox One

    I am an avgeek but rathan than FSX, play Prepar 3d V5 the latest one. I purchased it(Quite Expensive to be honest) still enjoy it. The graphics are amazing Here are a few screenspts
  4. MayankParab46

    Hello from Mayank

    Hello guys I, Mayank Parab am a crazy f1 fan I have played f1 2014,2014,2017,2018 and recently purchased f1 2019(I know its latešŸ˜…) Looking forward to have a good time with you guys.