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  1. Could someone at codemasters with a degree of integrity, please comment on this situation where the cars are stopping mid-corner etc. or is it going to be like this forever more? Maybe I missed an article on this, but after a week you’d think someone could fix that, or at least admit to it being a new ‘feature’
  2. Dba1

    Is the game on fast forward?

    The only thing coming up to you fast is the ai cars when they stop. Its a disgrace this hasn’t been fixed, and must be a policy to make they game more profitable if it isn’t massively already. thanks code masters for your heartfelt apologies, but you can keep them.
  3. UNPLAYABLE. When do you think you will address this ??............ UNPLAYABLE. When do you think you will address this ??............ UNPLAYABLE. When do you think you will address this ??............
  4. Dba1

    IA braking mid corner for no reason

    And still.... after all this time still not fixed. just goes to show they have implemented this joke update to force you into paying yet more money out. what about some action for the loyal customers rather than extortion tactics again.
  5. Dba1

    Well this looks promising!

    Must be a disgruntled employee who set out to completely ruin the game before he left. Literally wasting everyone’s investments into their car. also the new ‘brake failure’ bug is unbelievable. ‘ oh we are truly sorry ‘ etc etc I believe they got too greedy and were to busy filling their belly’s with wine and caviar to notice how much of a **** up they made.
  6. Dba1

    Well this looks promising!

    Yep, total balls up. start a race get ghosted, get stuck in the pack get brake checked n every corner. which f****ing idiot is responsible for the Ai cars ?****
  7. Dba1

    F1 mobile suggestion

    I’d like to know if they have ever listened to suggestions from people let alone implement them. The update is a joke. In my opinion it’s designed to make you plough your money into your car in the hope of not getting caught in the Ai pack at the back where you might as well give up. Whoever coded the game for cars to stop in front of you, must be held accountable for what is now a huge waste of money investing in a half decent performing car.
  8. Dba1

    Smoke and mirrors

    Gotta say it’s bordering on extortion. The last update was ****, completely had to start again, this one is almost as bad. Ai stopping every corner ******** they are masters of code and the code is taking your money. i will play one more day and then maybe just quit the whole thing. had the makings of a great game. unfortunately greed got the better of these motherfuckers
  9. Dba1

    F1 mobile gameplay

    After the last update the car handles different after spending a fair amount of money on the game and upgrades can someone tell me why they have done this? Im at a loss to understand how they can totally change the game?