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  1. Mintona


    It’s taken a while but I’ve finally made it to season two. The husband & wife’s purple and green still exist but now with added yellow flashes for contrast. And Gasly is my new teammate.
  2. Mintona

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    I’ve managed to document my first ever puncture in Singapore this evening
  3. Mintona

    Is My Team too easy?

    You need to try having children. It’s been two weeks since I was last able to turn the game on.
  4. Mintona

    race distance

    I’m so confused by this gearbox wear, I go three races where it is about where I expect (12-13%) and then one where it is at least double and I can’t work out what I’m doing differently between tracks. I know different tracks have different characteristics but it just seems way off.
  5. Mintona

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    Thank you! I had a play with it today after the Belgian GP in My Team.
  6. Mintona

    British GP unraceable

    I finished 19th there but I did start last after some grid penalties, Latifi was the only car I could get in front of on track. Just put it down to a bad day really.
  7. Mintona

    Traction vs No Traction - which is faster?

    I’ve managed to turn the rubber stopper under the throttle pedal the other way up and the difference is vast, I now reach 100% almost exactly at the point the pedal stops moving. It’s not quite exact but it’s an awful lot closer. Should help no end with getting used to no TC.
  8. Mintona

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    I can’t work out how to keep the car sharp and make the background blurry. I was having a play this evening but can’t get it right.
  9. Mintona

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    I’ve just ordered a TrakRacer TR80 cockpit. Looking forward to getting that set up. Should be a step up from my Playseat Revolution. I know it’s not optimised for formula style cars but I’m planning on getting more into GT stuff going forward too. https://www.trakracer.co.uk/product/tr8020-black-tr80-80mm-x-40mm-aluminium-cockpit-with-wheel-deck-and-gt-style-seat/
  10. Mintona

    3 Consecutive rainy races?

    I had it in China, Vietnam, Netherlands and Spain consecutively which was really fun. Two brand new tracks to try to get used to and racing around in the rain.
  11. Mintona

    Traction vs No Traction - which is faster?

    Yes, it’s every time. After a little research it seems a fairly common problem with CSL Elite pedals, and maybe adjusting the rubber underneath might change things. I’ll have a fiddle with it later on. I’ve not played any other games since owning them so might be the same I guess. It is a bit frustrating, like you I reach 100% throttle after pushing the pedal around 1/2 or 2/3 down. But I’m not sure it’s on Codemasters, not without tinkering a little first anyway.
  12. Mintona

    Traction vs No Traction - which is faster?

    My saturation is on 0 so I’m not sure it’s that. I have played with all of those settings but I can’t work out how to actually make it work as I want.
  13. Mintona

    Preparation for a race

    I spend ages doing practice. I try and complete all the practice programmes to get the maximum R&D points. I normally go and drive for the first part of FP1, just to get a feel for the track. Then do track acclimatisation, followed by race pace towards the end of the session. Then in FP2 I do all the other practice programmes and make adjustments here and there to my setup. And finally in FP3, I fit fresher components and have another crack at the bits I failed on before. Then full qualifying and a 50% race. The whole lot normally takes about three hours start to finish, so I don’t get chance to play every day. Tomorrow is looking like the next time I’ll actually get chance! At my last GP in Hungary I also spent about 45 minutes on time trial mode first, just because it was my worst track on F1 2019 so I wanted to try and get some extra practice in before heading to the race weekend. I’m still very new to all this and I don’t trust myself on each track to go into it without a lot of practice and tweaking first. On F1 2019 I got through a season and a half on career mode and that’s it. I don’t play online very often and not in any leagues so practice really is my chance to ‘relearn’ each track.
  14. Mintona

    Traction vs No Traction - which is faster?

    I’m playing MyTeam with TC on medium, and then having a go on Time Trial mode with TC off altogether when I don’t have time for a full race weekend. For the first time the other day I managed a few consecutive laps of Hungary without spinning with TC off. However I was still faster with TC on medium as I was being a bit too careful and trying my best not to spin, so was a bit more cautious on the throttle. One thing I can’t quite work out is my preferred throttle linearity, I’d like my pedal to only apply 100% power when I have it pushed flat but it goes to 100% when I’m about 2/3 of the way down, which makes it more difficult to judge. I guess it’s just practice practice practice.
  15. I’m still confused because some races I get ~12% gearbox wear and others I get ~25% and I just can’t see what I’m doing differently from race to race. I’m racing on manual gears with a CSL Elite wheel. I’ll try downshifting more gently but the fact that some races I’m getting wear about where I’d expect makes me wonder if this is the problem. As an example, I had 12% wear on a brand new gearbox after Silverstone, and then 24% after just qualifying at Hungary.