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  1. Mintona

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    Is that a Clubsport or CSL Elite wheelbase? Or direct drive?
  2. My season is odd in that at some races the gearbox wear is around 12% and others around 25%. It’s like the gearbox can’t handle certain tracks but is fine at others. I certainly don’t think I’m being at smoother at some more than others, I’m driving the same everywhere.
  3. Just to add to my own post - I ran the Azerbaijan GP weekend today, and my event gearbox wear increased from 47% to 60%. So back to the 12-13% wear per weekend that I was experiencing pre-patch 1.05. I downloaded patch 1.06 last night so was running on that instead, and I’m wondering if that is what has made the difference? I hope so anyway. I’ll try and do Canada tomorrow, so should get a better idea then.
  4. Mintona

    Driver Number.

    I use 90 because it’s the year of my birth. I’d like to use 16 because it was my number when I used to play football but it’s taken by Leclerc, and I imagine will be for some time!
  5. Mintona

    What number do you choose and why?

    I use 90 because it’s my year of birth.
  6. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. My event gearbox is wearing out way too fast since Patch 1.05 was released. I played the first four races prior to 1.05, and was averaging around 12-13% gearbox wear per race, which would’ve seen me through the mandatory six races before changing. Then 1.05 downloaded and my wear was 20% in one race which took me up to 70% wear. So I took the hit of the penalty for Race 6 in Spain, and after that one race I was at 25%, and after Monaco I’m now at 47% wear. So wear now is approximately double what it was per race before 1.05 downloaded. I did notice during qualifying it was adding around 3% wear per run, ie. out lap, hot lap, in lap. It wasn’t doing anything like that much previously. 2. Platform PS4 3. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.05. The problem has only occurred since it was released. 4. Game-mode? My Team. Honda engine, 22 race season. 5. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. I’m just playing on through the season to see how it changes. Will take another penalty in Canada, after just three races with this gearbox I imagine. 6. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue I’ve tried changing my driving style a bit and short shifting more but I’m not sure that’s got a lot to do with it. 7. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) I’m using Fanatec CSL Elite F1 wheel, wheelbase and pedals. 8. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. I’ve attached two images, screenshots taken after the Spanish GP weekend showing wear on my first and second gearboxes.
  7. I’ve experienced this one for the first time today too. My first gearbox was going nicely for the first four races of the season, in the fifth race the wear jumped right up to 70% wear. Figured I’d better take the pain of the penalty in Spain and have a new one. Did the Spanish GP and the new one is on 25% wear already. Not as bad as some other people but still not ideal. The first gearbox after Australia was on about 12%. I can do a bug report but I doubt it’s really necessary now, enough others have already done it and the devs are well aware.
  8. Mintona

    Which mode you playing?

    My Team and time trial. Because I’m still fairly new to the F1 games (about three months now) each race weekend takes me around three hours, from FP1 to podium. So if I don’t have time I like to go on time trial mode and practice the next circuit, or just try my damndest to practice anything with traction control turned off rather than medium.
  9. Mintona

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    I quite like this one from the exit of Turn 1 at Zandvoort, because it feels like it shouldn’t really have been seen, if you know what I mean. A sneaky photo of a battle being caught just as the cars were disappearing from view.
  10. Mintona


    Just to continue my own findings - I started the Dutch GP weekend still on 92 and I was miles off the pace in FP1. I went and put in lap after lap on the hard tyres for pretty much all of FP1 and eventually found myself in about the right sort of place. By the end of FP3 I was fourth on the timing screens so upped AI again to 93. Managed to qualify in tenth, scraped through to Q3 due to getting an early lap in before it rained whilst others left it too late. But the ones who did get through were miles faster than me in Q3 on the inters (around 2-4 seconds a lap). Anyway, I finished the race 5th. Even better than China. Helped by both Mercedes cars needing new front wings, Leclerc doing a weird unnecessary two stop strategy and Albon retiring, but still. I’ll take it. Now I’m wondering if I should put the AI up to 95 for Spain. I probably should, because I shouldn’t really be able to run this high just yet (five races into Season 1 on MyTeam). But my main point is practicing. If I hadn’t put the laps in in FP1 I’d have been miles away from where I eventually managed to start and finish the race. So I’m not sure if the AI is weaker or stronger or we just get better through practice.
  11. Mintona


    I never had a safety car in F1 2019, and I’ve not in F1 2020 yet either. I’m beginning to think it is only a mythical object! One VSC in Vietnam so far which lasted around fifteen seconds, no idea why because nobody retired.
  12. Mintona


    Canada is actually one of my weaker circuits so I might not need to worry there. I’m always bemused when I see people say how the AI is weak there, I always seems to struggle! I’ve just done the Chinese GP weekend and I was looking pretty pacey in practice (2nd overall in FP3 after doing the quali sim run). So I raised the AI to 92 for qualifying and managed to get 7th, which still seemed a bit high. A changeable race weather wise and managing to be on the right tyres at the right time (and a DNF for Hamilton) promoted me to P6 by the end of the race. However Giovinazzi was 3rd and Kvyat 4th after starting in the bottom six so it was a bit of a crazy one all round really, and not really a good one to compare AI difficulty with. I’ll start the Dutch GP weekend on 92 now. I don’t really want to lower it again, I upgraded my rig when the new game was released so it could just be getting more used to it, as well as the new car handling, and therefore a bit faster in the game. Maybe I’ll be on of those playing on 100 AI soon. Hopefully!
  13. Mintona

    Sack the Meteorologist!

    I often wonder if the forecast can be wrong. You find out on a Friday what the weather is going to be all weekend, obviously that’s not the case in the real world. It’d be nice to have the odd unexpected downpour, especially during a really overcast race.
  14. Mintona

    Your Worst Race So Far

    A little part of me dies every time I need one but I’m just not skilled enough to last a GP without them yet! My worst race so far was Bahrain on Season 1. I qualified and practiced much better than Australia and was on course for a decent race, making up places at the start and running in the top 10. However some slight contact with Ricciardo cost me my front wing and a poor two stop strategy choice put paid to any of those lofty ideas, and I finished 16th.
  15. Mintona

    Your Worst Race So Far

    I can’t help but feel that flashbacks were invented to help with some of these problems.