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  1. A detailed description of the issue. Incorrectly formed sentence when answering a question from Claire in MyTeam. “No one could of predicted that failure.” is incorrect English, it should say ‘No one could have predicted that failure.” Report Code none Platform? PS5 Game-mode? MyTeam What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. None Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. Added below How do you make the problem happen? Please add
  2. I’m just going to play 16 race seasons and mix up the calendar each year to keep it interesting. The four I don’t have this season I will add again next season and take four different ones out. I know it isn’t totally realistic but with all the calendar changes this year it’s hard to know what’s going on one week to the next. Istanbul has done the Hokey Cokey a few times already.
  3. I think you just get given different practice sessions from track to track.
  4. It’s taken a while but I’ve finally made it to season two. The husband & wife’s purple and green still exist but now with added yellow flashes for contrast. And Gasly is my new teammate.
  5. I finished 19th there but I did start last after some grid penalties, Latifi was the only car I could get in front of on track. Just put it down to a bad day really.
  6. I’ve decided to just keep my AI pretty constant. I started off this game on 90, and have gradually increased it as I feel I get better. I raced Austria on 93 and finished 7th, then GB on 94 and finished 19th (first season MyTeam). But that’s just the way it goes. Hungary is next and was my worst track on F1 2019 so interested to see how it goes this time around.
  7. I never had a safety car in F1 2019, and I’ve not in F1 2020 yet either. I’m beginning to think it is only a mythical object! One VSC in Vietnam so far which lasted around fifteen seconds, no idea why because nobody retired.
  8. ASAM Motorsport. Designed by me and my wife with the colours the same as we had at our wedding. AI 90, Hubert as my teammate.
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