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  1. 1. The issue is that when I create a lobby, some players(randomly) can't join unless they make multiple attempts(sometimes even 10-15). I am from Romania and I host both a national league and an international one. It happens a lot more often when we have 15-20 romanian players than when I host the international one although romanian internet is a lot better than in western europe and we are all in the green whereas in an international lobby you will always see yellow and even red sometimes. 2. PS4 3. 1.04 and now 1.05 4. Unranked multiplayer 5. It happens almost every time I host a lobby. It did happen in 2019 also, many times. For 2020 it has only been 5-6 lobbies so far but I am a host in our league so I have to host races at least twice a week, that apart from practice sessions. 6. My internet connection, both wired and wifi is strong and stable. Always reset PS and router before a league race, NAT Type is correctly set, I have done everything I know how to do and it solves nothing. 7. Can't actually provide video because it happens to others, not me. This problem is causing major issues with delays in league racing. Please help us with a solution.
  2. Hello, what can I do in order to solve the problem of players being unable to join when I host a lobby? Some players join without a problem and some can't join at all. Other days the error comes for others and the ones that had problems join from to 1st try. I must mention that either on cable or wifi I have the same problem and that my connection is really strong and stable. Is there any setting that can help with this? This is a recurring problem that happened with the 2019 game also. Please help as this is a massive problem for league races causing huge delays. Thank you!
  3. This is problem I only get on the occasional race, specifically on a tuesday when we have a league race, romanians only. It does occur rarely in international leagues but when we have 15-20 romanians trying to go in a lobby, it takes us 30 minutes to have everyone in. Error occurs when I make the lobby and others try to login; it's the same guys that race every week, but never the same guys with problems connecting to the lobby. Sometimes it's only 2, sometimes it's 8. And the error seems to be resolved randomly, either by getting an invite from someone other than the host or by trying the 10th-100th invite from the host OR connecting directly through PSN. The big problem is that we never know WHAT exactly solves this error and it's just through trial and error and lots of delays from our race time that we get to solve it. We all run the latest version of the game and everyone is in the green with the internet; romanian internet is very cheap, fast and reliable so this is an issue we surely not have. Could there be a setting for either the host or the other players that affects this? Please help as this is likely to go through to F1 2020 also and with a long season starting in a matter of weeks we really do not need this sort of trouble. Thank you!
  4. Khalaay

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Pff, I would have been all over the multiplayer lobby had I gotten one(stupid me forgot to sign-up); I sure hope they put the option to forbid "reset to track" in multiplayer. That it a dangerous move. And all those penalties.... I can't wait to see how much of it has been fixed.
  5. Khalaay

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Yes, I actually work with them and the second I saw your comment I understood the stupidity of my question. :)
  6. Khalaay

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    So I'm dying to know from the multiplayer beta testers: what improvements have you noticed? Is there a way to forbid "reset to track" from host options? Maybe more camera angles in spectator mode? The dreaded penalty system, has it changed? I'll take any bit of information available. So long until the 10th. :(