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  1. It would be nice to race towards a prize instead of just racing the race would attract alot of attention id back that up............ 
  2. As you all know the release date of grid autosport is happening soon with much anticipation (xbox 360) Currently were looking to expand the team with fast paced members , commitment & consistency is a must. All details needed for joining are on our website www.team-cgs.weebly.com also checkout our latest videos www.youtube.com/user/briefhunter/videos or contact me direct (L3NARD CGS) gamertag. or reply to this msg thanks............                       L3NARD CGS Founder  


    Auto gearbox but its your preference......xbox 360 at moment will be branching into sim racing soon if that helps  
  4. CGS (Community Global Squad) Formed in 2009 we consist of well over 70 highly experienced members from all over the world with a strong  competitive tactical driving influence were currently the fastestest automatic team out there to date so looking for passionate racers who want to progress to the top its common sence why would you join anyone else.............??  Checkout our website www.team-cgs.weebly.com or youtube channel  www.youtube.com/user/briefhunter/video contact me for joining details an trial (gamertag)   L3NARD CGS   (xbox 360) thanks for taking the time to read hopefully see you on the track good luck..............