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  1. Settings not saving. Every time i launch the game i have to set my monitor resolution and osd because it is restarting every time. PLS HELP
  2. Kuubenz

    Game crashing on launch.

    Found the solution. I had to turn off windows defender, and everything works
  3. Game crashing on launch. Pressing play button on steam. It becomes green for 5 second and then it goes normal blue. I'll link the video of what is happening. my hardware: ryzen 5 3600 rx 5700 16gb 3733Mhz I've been playing f1 2019 for the last 4 months and it was working fine.
  4. Kuubenz

    Game does not launch

    same problem with rx 5700
  5. 1. Game not launching, when i press play it loading for 5 seconds and then it turning off. 2. Newest version on steam 3. - 4 and 5. I've tried it 20 times already with different directX versions and after scanning local files 6.- 7.-
  6. As you can see here www.twitch..tv/videos/665867531 (double dot coz i cant post vod) my textures are going dark. Firstly car secondly whole screen. I bought game 2 months ago and i have this bug since then. Im using versiuon 1.22. This happening on both dx11 and dx12 setting doesn't matter. I reinstalled game, drivers, windows and nothing worked. This event is happening few times a day. It is happening on every game mode. After alt+tab textures are fine for some time. Playing on PC. My setup: ryzen 5 3600 (not overclocked) msi b450 tomahawk max (updated bios) msi rx5700 (max temps ~70c) 16gb ddr4 3400mhz Playing on xbox one controller Im sending dxdiag and hardware settings below DxDiag.txt hardwaresettings.rar