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  1. Mangoes4195

    Argentina buggy/laggy

    Also Monaco is doing it as well changed some settings averaging 150+ frames but so much skipping i cant even finish a race every other country is fine
  2. Mangoes4195

    Argentina buggy/laggy

    Hey, I am new to Dirt rally 2.0 and was playing around different stages to get used to the mechanics I tried 4 different countries and no issues 90+ fps 165 hz but Argentina in heavy rain i was skipping every 0.5 seconds and is unplayable i was still at 90+ fps and wasn't losing frames tried restarting the game and going back and the same issue with Argentina but no issues with any other country I lowered my graphics from ultra to high, turned some things off or lowered others to low (like the crowd) but nothing seems to fix Argentina