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  1. On an serious note i get why things are delayed (covid and late conformation of the new calendar) and will be released post launch but with the help from EA i expected everything except Yeddah would be done in time but @BarryBL can you maybe tell us how long the delay is going to be cuz because we hope it wont be that long as the new f2 package every year. Also i get why the game wants to improve career to attract players at every level and because in career as company you can really make good profit out of it. But the community isnt all about single player and even in f1 esports we saw in game bugs which is Just an shame for the game itself but Will we as league racers finally get an good and stable online mode cuz i have an feeling the focus is a bit too much on single player. We want to enjoy the game as much as the players that dont play online and not getting screwed by in game bugs in league races when you really spended time to practice for those. Losing the league racing community would be an big loss for the game.
  2. Same for me, during league races same thing When someone is rejoining or leaving. Platform xbox one
  3. Wessel112002

    Random yellow flags

    we had issues before but not with yellow flags, i asked everyone for their code so i will update you on the codes asap.
  4. Wessel112002

    Random yellow flags

    the video itself is 15 min but only 5 min of the video is about the bug it happened to us in an private lobby the connection from users were fine at the start in the lobby i will look for the code now this is the first time it happened to us my friend said it can be caused because the host is playing on the original xbox one
  5. Wessel112002

    Random yellow flags

    Problem: Random yellow flags and glitching lobby Console XBOX ONE Version: the latest one Please watch the clips/videos down below please watch the whole video https://www.twitch.tv/videos/722060442 look at the mini map https://clips.twitch.tv/SecretiveBetterAardvarkHeyGuys more yellow flag glitches https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringInventiveSparrowTinyFace https://clips.twitch.tv/GiantShakingSnailTF2John https://clips.twitch.tv/DifficultSpoopyDurianHassaanChop
  6. Wessel112002

    Random yellow flags

    Yesterday we had an league race on 50% silverstone and there was one incident that caused an VSC but after that the yellow flags and sectors were still on the map and track itself, after around 1 or 2 extra laps it dissapeared but while we were racing the yellow flags kept on appearing on random times in the race without someone retiring or crashing or whatever. It was annoying for everyone because a lot of people got stupid pens for illigal overtakes PLEASE FIX THIS.
  7. I was racing a few minutes ago with some mates and they all had the same thing on their screen.... its pretty annoying and its not only me, it was almost like 5 of the 12 people in that race who had the same problem, console is xbox one
  8. Wessel112002

    FIX the dutch language and pedals problem

    @aartstyleThey just used Google translate lol
  9. Wessel112002

    Patch 1.05 - Messed up wheel controls

    They need to fix it
  10. Wessel112002


    Its a joke we should get a REFUND at least
  11. Wessel112002

    Patch 1.05 - Messed up wheel controls

    A lot of people seems having the same problem @BarryBL