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  1. For me personally no it hasnt happenend before
  2. The mclaren is the one that tried to reconnect. I got his messages and both of us got DSQ
  3. Yes i was the host btw and my internet is good enough @BarryBL
  4. Platform: Xbox one S Gamemode: social play 50% race Report code: in the clip itself at the end Problem: Got pit lane exit warning and dsq for nothing. My guess is i got the wrong warning messages cuz if you look at the mini map its the mclaren that should have got these warnings and not me. Also please fix your game we as league racers dont deserve this @BarryBL vod-1104075388-offset-2670.mp4
  5. Its not only pc but also on xbox, Just everywhere. @BarryBLwatch TOM97HD his tweets about the ai status. Its insane and Just stupid
  6. Platform: XBOX SERIES S GAMEMODE: 5 lapper online Problem: i'm the Orange car and as you can see i crossed the line first We both had zero pens and yet my mate won in the green car according to the game......
  7. Same here with fanatec xbox ffb suddenly drops or the wheel and pedals suddenly disconnect Pls fix this @BarryBL
  8. Its has happened again, this time to my own driver in a social race
  9. i sadly dont have the report code because this happenend yesterday Platform: XBOX SERIES S GAMEMODE: Theater Replay from 5 lapper online open lobbies Problem: Some driver helmets are gone when watching the replay of the race The driver on the photo isnt me but someone else from MY replay
  10. Switch back to f1 2020 i mean sorry
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