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  1. CarlosMartinezE

    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    It's never been a nice thing to troll people or having a disagreement with ire. I will only tell you this: for more than 20 years I've participated in more than 100 actual WRC events. My entire family, from my Granny to myself have participated in numerous rallies all over the world. From Catalonia to Chile. When RBR appeared we didn't have all the gear needed to exploit it to its limits. I've been alongside Mikko Hirvonen, Marcus Grönholm, Sebastien Loeb and Järi Matti Latvala trying a system with three 40" screens, a robotic system connected to the sim and a non-modded RBR with more than 20 set-up tweaks (each driver decided which things to modify, like spring rates, tyre pressure, brake bias, and many, many other variables). We tested this over and over again throughout the years to explain spectators and fans how the car works under different conditions. Thanks to the massive interest of the rallying community and hundreds of engineers from all over the world, today's RBR is the most frustrating game in the world for gamers and the most rewarding training tool for non-pro drivers and hard-core, knowledgeable rally fans. Of course, as everything in this world, it is a very personal choice. If we want facts and you want to do something based on facts rather than choice, that's a different story. It is a fact that RBR is the closest thing, in the world of rallying, to a simulator. It is not. But there's nothing, even DIRT 2 that comes even close, regardless of the beauty of its graphics.