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  1. 3 hours ago, creweutah said:

    I agree with all those points apart from the AI starting off too quick. I usually start off much quicker than the AI and overtake 2-3 cars at least on the straight. (92% AI)


    Apart from this, I find the AI needs lots of work and its been the same old now for the last 3 years. Quali AI are on steroids, yet when it comes to the race, its a different story. Do CM ever put in the work to improve arguably the most important aspect of the game? AI

    Yeah same. I outperform the car massively on lap 1 and then it's downhill from there

  2. I was in P10 at the Dutch GP and the Safety Car came out. Everyone up to, and including P7 had been lapped. And you can see where this is going. The Racing Points weren't too far ahead of Norris, who was in P7, but they got to join the back of the queue. Not being able to overtake the Safety Car also backed me up to Leclerc in P3 and I was given blue flags. I was in P8 when I was getting blue flagged on the pit straight and got a time penalty for ignoring blue flags. Which sounds fair until you realise that Leclerc was 5-6 car lengths behind me. I would have to slow down to let him through, and by then I was pushing to try and catch Norris. I rewinded to try and not have to slow down, but nothing worked so I slowed down and let him pass.

  3. 44 minutes ago, BelgiumDude said:

    Wait what? You have to climb up the ladder? I was gonna do a Brawn GP stunt all over again.


    Just kidding, but doesn't it depend on the ai difficulty you choose?  the higher the difficulty the harder it will be to develop your car if you don't earn enough money and points


    That first bit would be nice as well. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of starting your own team at the back of the grid and doing an RTG, but it would also be pretty cool if you could choose your starting point. Maybe a thing in F1 2022 with the new regs and you could choose if you were sort of one of the teams that adapted really well and had a bit of a head start on say some of the lower midfield teams. It wouldn't make you start off better than a Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull, you'd probably be able to be best of the rest every now and again but mostly be in the middle of the midfield. Maybe other teams would develop a bit faster than you though, with them having more money. Sort of like a less good Brawn GP


    TL;DR have other places you can start out at

  4. 2 minutes ago, nothere270 said:

    I’m hoping that the car can’t come close to the front in it’s first season and needs good fortune to score good points after that. I want my first championship to be hard earned and to feel good because of that

    Yeah same, if the car can just become op in the first season it takes away from the experience of climbing up the grid to eventually be at the top. I hope it's not like say the rookie to veteran bar, obviously it doesn't do anything but you can just become a veteran at the end of season one.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Aef251 said:

    I never understood the decision to have different levels of “fully maxed out”. In theory every team should in the end find the absolute maximum development under the regulations if given enough time and money.

    Yeah I'm not quite sure about it either, maybe they should replace the R&D tree with something else. Maybe you would be able to either invest in each department and they would improve the car in that department over time, and the more you invest into it the faster they can develop things, and upgrade it a bit more, and there could be a cap on how much this would improve the car, which would go up a random amount each season due to new breakthroughs, or have a chance to go down from a reg change. You might even be able to micromanage each department and focus on a specific part, e.g. for aero you could concentrate on the front wing. Or maybe they could go with sort of a motorsport manager approach. Just my thoughts

  6. 7 minutes ago, Aef251 said:

    Since you are driving it, the AI will determine where you are, your teammate not so much. In one of the trailers they show the car development graph against the other teams. Assuming it is season 1 and not later on, the car starts roughly on par with the Williams. How fast it can be developed from there is a guess, but I doubt you’ll get into the top 3 before the season ends based on the My Team trailer that showed the graph. 

    Ok I see what you mean and you're probably right, I was just thinking about where you'll be when all the cars are fully maxed out