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  1. I did an unranked multiplayer race on PC and m_name in the ParticipantData package gives me "Player" for all drivers. The documentation says I'm supposed to get the steam IDs though. Is this a bug or why is it happening?
  2. Thank you very much for posting the 2020 specifications. There were 2 things that already bothered me about the 2019 though, which are still present: - There is no rewind independent total session time. SessionTime keeps going forward even when a flashback was used. This and the fact you can't check flashbacks directly, make it very hard to determinate flashbacks. - A field for game version would be nice. If I choose the 2019 format in F1 2020 it is not possible for a program to know if the data coming in is F1 2019 on 2019 format or F1 2020 on 2019 format. This is important to
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