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  1. eeshanzaman

    My engineers are not excited by my performance

    I always thought this was down to how well I'm suited to the track, I haven't raced in Vietnam before, this is my first time in Vietnam and my god, I'm down in 23rd, at least outqualified a Williams, I was so bad there that I decided to simulate the race, the AI finished 16th. And I'm glad I skipped the race, the circuit is suited for wheel users more not for controller users like me.
  2. eeshanzaman

    My engineers are not excited by my performance

    Well I just saw the video how to set your difficulty based on your gap to teammate. I'm around 1.5 seconds faster, so usually the game suggests my difficulty should be 90 if I drive like this. Damn I'm good :3
  3. Everything was fine until I read the last line haha
  4. I just bought the game on steam, hit up career and get an absolute disaster of a car, I get it that its a new team so it handles like a boat. I drive my heart out and got 2nd place having 75% AI with the very first race of my team, and my radio engineer goes like, "So that's it for this race", or something like that. Honestly it's a bit turnoff, the next race in Bahrain, I finished 6th and it's the same average response whereas my teammate Jordan King is 17th or 16th. ughh come on Jeff, you can do better
  5. Hello, on behalf of my country Bangladesh, we'd like you to add our national flag in the game. Most games have our country's flag but I am surprised F1 2020 doesn't have any. We are not asking you to add the national anthem but just the flag only. I play Project Cars 3 as well and there I can see the flag of Bangladesh, since SlightlyMadStudios are owned by Codemasters I believe you guys can add the flag. Thank you very much. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/eeshanzaman/