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  1. A detailed description of the issue. My brother was playing f1 2020 online rankeds, and he did pole position, when the game loads, the car appers on the middle of the grid, starting at the same position of another player. Platform PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.18 Ranked/Unranked/Leagues Ranked Wired or Wireless Connection? Wired The amount of players in your session? 10 Were you the host? No Did this issue happens
  2. Does anyone know what are the requirements of the F1 2021? THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  3. Me too, just wait to the next time, and congrats to everbody who was selected.
  4. like @Eclipsiumand @BarryBLsaid we have to be patient, they have to work hard to select who is going to participate in the BETA program. Also if you are not selected you don't have to worry about it, just wait until the f1 2021 launch.
  5. Hello to everybody, I have a doubt, I have some friends who have the ps5 and my question is if I can play with them, if I have the f1 2021 ps4 version? THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  6. javieriru911

    Safety car

    Yeah, in my career mode I have also that problem, but when I finished that season the problem dissapeared. Just finish your season and you tell me.
  7. Hopefully so, having crossplay between platforms will help a lot to the competition between people from pc and people from ps4/xbox. Especially to be able to play with your friends from other different platforms.
  8. Recently I have been playing with a g29 and I want a good force-fedback configurarion. Can someone give me a configuration?
  9. Hi @CZPZ I see you have a problem with some kerbs like the last corner in Spain, I have a g29 and I have tried to replicate the error, it does not happen to me. Maybe the problem is the configuration of the force feedback, try to lower it and do a few laps.
  10. The F1 2021 will have all new layouts like in Montmeló and Albert Park???
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