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  1. A detailed description of the issue. : basically every time I'm playing the game i've got some weird graphics bugs on my tyres, it looks like some pieces of environnement that reflects on both my front tyres even when there's nothing around me. It happens when i'm driving in a dry race during midday in every single tracks avaible in the game at the moment . This ''problem'' has been here since 1.05/1.06 Report Code : MGJT-EBBK-HEPM-EAKJ Platform? PS4 Pro Game-mode? every game modes (TT, Career mode, normal races and Breaking Point) What troubleshooting have you tried? P
  2. it's been 2 months and the problem is still there even with all those patches we had previously
  3. Patch 1.06 and still the same problem for me too....
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