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  1. I'm back and now I play race driver grid (2007) now on xbox

  2. I don't have the game but I do have the demo version
  3. I'm not sure either try using only visual damage in the next race
  4. So nobody's playing grid autosport?... Life is pointless
  5. This game feels completely unusual I have the demo version on Xbox This game has changed a lot...
  6. Should we yell Jumanji at 11:59 in 31st December so we can end this nightmare of a year we had?

  7. I agree... i have dirt 3 but I have a problem with the VIP pass redeem code for Xbox 360 According to Xbox the code was already redeemed. i didn't even use the code I need help I also had DiRT 3 since 2012 and I have Xbox Live Gold so does that mean I can still play online without the Pass?
  8. I remember this game. I still play it. I haven't played the game for a while. I might do some revisiting in this game later. DiRT games have really changed a lot... Didn't they? great classic
  9. This game is the most unusual game codemasters made (because they don't usually make DiRT games violent) I still play the game of course
  10. I need help with the VIP PASS CODE FOR DiRT 3 ON XBOX 360

    I have Xbox Live Gold so does that mean I can still play online?

    I had the game since 2012

    pls reply

  11. I have a problem... I have a V.I.P pass code for this game but according to Xbox the code was already redeemed... but I have Xbox live gold so does that mean I can still play online without the code? I had this game since 2012
  12. turns out traveling in the game is really chilled out here...
  13. who would like to unlock the leaderboard in the next racenet challenges?
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