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  1. I even got the impression with all the information Barry asked that they can not reproduce this at all. (think he said that but used other words and english not my native so i could have misread that). Making me/us feel like we are the ones having a problem and not their end. But I might hvae misunderstood that, each time he kept asking for information. When F1 2021 was released it all worked, then update was released and it went faulty and never got restored/fixed and must admit it takes away the fun of playing, specially if one switches games and F1 blocks through Steam the op
  2. 1.10 still same issue indeed, also after update of GHUB that I got today (15 september 2021) to 2021.9.7463 did not solve it, issue still existing. Also redid everything I already tried/did and was asked and answers remain the same.
  3. Not special running except nvidia, steam and ghub, other then that nothing is open/running or running in background from apps. G923 is always connected (tested with direct connection to USB 2.0 and 3.0 on motherboard and through an usb hub, it does not matter for the end result), but also when trying to connect it during sessions or right before launching the game (also tested with direct connection to USB 2.0 and 3.0 on motherboard and through an usb hub, it does not matter for the end result)... It is always the same end result on my end : the game keeps running in steam after closin
  4. lghub_installer_2021.3.5164.exe is what i again tried after again deleting the older version and all settings etc (not much to delete since pc is reinstalled), is the last old version which can be downloaded on logitech site itself and does not auto update on install, just when looking for ghub click show more downloads or something like that to see older versions and look for that version (if you wanna try it) every version after that is auto updated on install to current version. But F1 2021 crashes with that version, so I can not use it. I can sent the crash reports for it so did sent tho
  5. I can not confirm what RowDX228 says, i installed older GHub and it did not fix the issue. as explained in previous post of mine I had older GHub with 1.04 and no issues, as soon as it became 1.05 and that was released BEFORE GHub updated the issue occured already so I still have the problem that the game wil not close if the wheel is connected, besides i am using the G923 which uses slightly different GHub even if it looks the same and has same version number the GHub versions are all equal but based on connected devices aas explained by Logitech on questioning them. I do wanna make that c
  6. 1. Yes this happens only with wheel plugged in/connected 2. When wheel is unplugged/disconnected the game closes normal 3. Logitech G923
  7. I like to add some info that I noticed but have no proof or something to support then my word for it, cause I do not think it is Logitech GHub fault only/at all as a Logitech G923 owner and having this issue which is annoying cause rebooting the PC nowadays to get other game from steam running or unfreeze PC after closing F1 2021 is ridiculous and frustrating. When the game was 1.04 patch on 27 july 2021 with GHub NOT updated all worked perfect, then the patch 1.05 released on 28 july 2021 started doing the not closing in steam and that was BEFORE GHub got updated i played the game on 28
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