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  1. Well its pretty normal to get kicked when you have livery mods but ofc cheaters shouldnt be allowed.
  2. I guess it will be a one season career mode.
  3. You can just ignore them, they are not a big issue for me.
  4. Canada one looks like an animation for braking point to me.
  5. The game looks nice but prices aren't nice.
  6. No i can't, im not a game developer.🤔
  7. Yep, braking point trailer tomorrow.
  8. I think your controller has a problem, if it works fine when you change mapping.
  9. You can try your chance next year. (You cant share anything from beta.)
  10. Woah, what a bad game. I wont buy F1 2021 until this is solved. 😄
  11. We are starting from previous year to f2 so it wouldnt make any sense to simulate in current career mode.
  12. It was like this too last year, you will get 3 days early access.
  13. Yes. You get 3 days early access.
  14. I think they would announced it instantly if F1 2021 has crossplay feature.
  15. Me too, i can avoid corner cutting with that. 😄
  16. Deadline for applications was 10th May, you are late.
  17. English please! Deadline for applications was 10th May, you are late.
  18. You are late, deadline for applications for 10th May. (And a quick note, beta isnt like whatt you see on youtube.)
  19. If this is related to beta, please discuss it on beta forum.
  20. What? Why? What's wrong with T-Cam?
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