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  1. Why some wheels drivers want to be so much faster than pad drivers, balance is pretty good right now.
  2. Still just report it, they can fix it on F1 2021.
  3. Only 7 weeks left for ful game. 😉
  4. There were over 12000 applications, Barry's job wasnt easy.
  5. Poor Codemasters, F1 2021 will be full of bugs because they didnt selected him.
  6. Waiting for new info about game is best answer i can give.
  7. You are late for beta, deadline for applications was 10th May.

  8. Well another ones popped up when this thread was open too. 😄
  9. We hit new record of online users again. 👀
  10. "I am delighted to announce that successful applicants will begin to see the 2021 BETA forum soon. However, we are working in a new method this year (due to the amount of players needing to see the group), so please be patient. If you can't see it right away, don't panic. We have a LOT of people to get to one place, and will take time. "
  11. We are talking about same thing over and over. Again, "just be patient".
  12. New update. 👀

    1. aspect13


      ah. thats what you meant.

    2. Kyllankilli


      Has this forum already opened for someone?

    3. smalls048


      Not for me though I expect it will take some time. I’m sure we will know when all have been added if we didn’t make it.

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  13. Poor Leclerc, he deserved a podium in his homeland.
  14. I dont understand why some people are complaning about story mode, just dont play it. Personally i really like story mode.
  15. I think a pinned topic about beta would be good, because people dont read announcement at top.
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