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  1. 1 hour ago, ragequit1 said:

    Every time someone ask this question and opens a new thread, it will be delayed by another week.

    Then no one will receive a beta code. 😄
    I wonder how many topics there are about when will beta release.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Nightfire1964 said:

    You can pre download games that are on pre order on the app I did it for cyberpunk 2077 I pre downloaded the game fully and I was getting the physical edition so it meant as soon as I got the disk I put it in and started playing as soon as it was the release date

    This guy didnt buy the game, so probably its not about predownload.

  3. 1 minute ago, petro1319 said:

    That's fine to have them as options; I think the more options we have for drivers to hire as your "My Team" mode second driver the better.  I just don't personally see the appeal of classic drivers.  I get why others would and that's fine, but why are we not focusing on add more REAL available drivers.  Heck I'd even be OK with made up drivers like we end up with in Madden draft classes, Fifa etc.    There just isn't enough options currently in the mode to sustain a 10 year career.

    I get the other scenarios you're laying out, but that's just the thing here.  You can't actually do any of that with these "classic" drivers.  It sounds as if you can only hire them into your team as second driver. You have no control over whether other teams hire them or not.  So the ability to put Massa at Alpine just isn't available, so again... why are we adding them?

    My concern here is if these classic drivers end up in the drivers pool are a team like Williams or Haas going to drop one of their drivers and hire one of these legends?  If so, that's completely going to break the mode for most players aside from the few who want that nostalgic factor.   It again brings me back to my original point of give us more realistic driver options or just give us full team control to change driver rosters as we see fit within the my team and career modes because the AI logic in place for hiring/firing drivers seems mediocre at best.

    Only we can hire them.

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  4. 38 minutes ago, ragequit1 said:

    I don't blame people being skeptical. EA turned everything into a microtransaction money maker whatever they pretty much touched.

    Oh and please don't be naive that if they paid $1.2 billion dollar to purchase a game developer company, they won't have any saying how the game's future will look like. Codies will remain the workhorse (coding) but the business decisions will come from a different board from now on. F1 2021 was already full speed in development when the acquisition happened so I don't expect much change in this year. We'll see what the future holds.

    I was skeptical about regional prices, and my doubts were unfortunately right.
    As you said, F1 2021 was already on development. I think we will see how EA affected F1 franchise after F1 2023.


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  5. 18 minutes ago, Asmodeusjr40 said:


    How can I get a chance for a beta code? Just by being a member or do I need to apply? Thank you 

    You are late unfortunately.

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