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  1. Bobble2020

    Who invented the strict penalty system?

    Please no , not power reduction for going off circuit or cutting a corner slightly , They have brought that into Project Cars 3 and what a shambles it is with you going slower for a period and everyone ghosting threough you until you have served the penalty
  2. Bobble2020

    Formula 3

    It would be good and add more depth , also adding it to myteam so you start from F3 and move up then possibly start up your own team once you have got more fame and sponsors maybe more likely to want to sonsor your new team , or you take over a current team
  3. Bobble2020

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    For me its when the track is completely dry no forecast of rain and he tells me " Slicks are still the best tyre choice " . Also with only a few laps remaining I wouldn't come in for new tyres anyway
  4. It could be that the different engines could also affect this , We have seen in real Gp's where even with kers wide open some cars are no faster than the car in front
  5. Bobble2020


    Might well be helpful if you actually made a bug report saying what the bugs are rather than expecting CM to read your mind
  6. Bobble2020

    Which race lenght are you using?

    Mine is 100% with no flashbacks , Makes you more careful at the start as its a long long race if you screw up at the start and have to pit for repairs , Then run a full race with a poor car in MyTeam that you havent spent a year or two upgrading
  7. Bobble2020

    Editing the MFD

    No i dont use a mic , just having to click the mfd then scroll through the various messages ( most of which i will never use ) or having to trawl to page 3 to find one i do use occasionally There are only about 5 things i ever use out of them all Gone off track a couple of times doing it and hit the wall lol
  8. Merc are known to have a quali mode , but they cannot use it very much in races due to engines having to last a certain number of races I would love to know what happened with Ferrari as they were obviously doing something illegal with their engines last year until caught , and simply because the FIA is scared of them leaving F1 they hush it all up and also give them certain privileges the other teams don't get like a veto they can use
  9. The ability to do an F2 season or 2 then start your own my team on that save would be one of my requests so its a continuation of the same career
  10. Bobble2020

    Editing the MFD

    I would love to be able to delete some of the info from the hud and just keep ones i use Like weather report distance car is behind me shut up geoff i hate having to trawl though pages of headers while trying to race a car as well , i think its currently at 3 pages of which i barely use half a dozen of those
  11. Bobble2020

    Alternative push button Overtake

    They would then have to do 2 versions of it as I am one of those that prefer to press the overtake button and then press it again to release it , I would hate having to keep it pressed to keep it activated , especially when at times you have to press other buttons say for the drs to activate
  12. Bobble2020

    End of Season Driver Transfers

    slightly in a different vein . at the end of my first season , Bottas was world champion and Norris signed for my team , I guess who goes where could also be based on how high your AI setting is , lafiti was horrendous in the williams always over 2 or 3 laps behind Russell every race
  13. Bobble2020

    Driver Number.

    At least anyone with 69 it will look the same whichever way your car is up , and yes i managed to get upside down once at the start of a race , dive bombing up the inside of everyone after a disaster and qualifying 21st on the grid
  14. Bobble2020

    Safety Car Deployment Bug

    I have exactly the opposite , I have never had a safety car , always just the virtual safety car and its horrendous trying to stay in the green timing , you virtually have to crawl round every corner at a snails pace The VSC has been deployed every race for every single car thats retired , then after getting the all clear often getting a yellow flag in a section for the car on the grass at the side of the track
  15. Bobble2020

    Your Worst Race So Far

    Mines always Monaco . i hate that track with a vengeance , It may be glamorous but nowadays no way suited to F1 , Slightest mistake and bang . bounce of a wall