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  1. GTRaser.at

    Ai race starts

    I don't know if the AI got worse or I got better^^ But I get better along than in the last years.
  2. GTRaser.at

    Custom Engine Sounds

    I only know about the multiplayer car, the My Team car should have the specific engine sound imo as the licence for that should also include that scenario.
  3. GTRaser.at

    Cant change ERS on Quualifying

    I seems to me like in the prior games the setting 0-5 for the ERS was a real scaling one, now it is a specific mapping for the specific use. So 1 for normal driving, 2 for hotlap and 3 for overtake, the system itself makes sense in my opinion but I miss the 0 option to turn the deployment off completely to help charging the battery faster (during [V]SC for example)
  4. GTRaser.at

    Ps4 to Ps5

    I can only talk from experience from the PS3/PS4 switch back then: You bought the PS3 game and had a download code inside that allowed you to download it on the PS4 (you had to insert the PS3 disc into the console that you could play). But that I guess has to be supported by Sony.
  5. GTRaser.at

    Amazon Schumacher Pre-Order in US Arriving Next Week

    That issue does not fall into accountability of Codies as Amazon seems to be unable to provide propper logistics. If you really want to play first on preorder digitally on PS4/XB1/Steam
  6. GTRaser.at

    Adding PS4 DS Gyroscope Controls

    I remember games where this motion control was used and it was way off in terms of accuracy.
  7. GTRaser.at

    More Tracks Please (Classic)

    Of course remodelling would also be necessary and is quite a big job, no doubt.
  8. GTRaser.at

    Allow lapped cars to unlap during SC

    Sorry but I have to agree. Saying "Yeah we know we don't included it" isn't an answer. But the problem with the SC is deeper as if I am in P1 and following the SC, if i fall back too much at the sector 2/3 line the SC does not come in.
  9. GTRaser.at

    Custom Engine Sounds

    Its a licensing issue as FOM mandated a generic sound to the multiplayer car.
  10. GTRaser.at


    At least I would like to have an option in the race to turn the deployment down completely to charge it more efficently.
  11. GTRaser.at

    We need AI level determination

    I go race by race now in My Team mode adjusting the difficulty after each one.
  12. GTRaser.at

    Max revs at start of the race

    I also feel more comfortable with the starts now. Reving it full while standing, dump the clutch and then back off a bit of the throttle and then hitting it again prevents wheelspin and shoots me better forward than ever.
  13. GTRaser.at

    Custom tyre allocations

    Definitely an Idea for the 2021 game but in 2020 Pirelli/FIA mandates the tire compounds due to the Covid-19 situation so not necessary.
  14. GTRaser.at

    VR support?

    F1 isn't really a sim in that comparison. As the game needs to hit a broader mass features like VR would only hit a nieche of players. Besides the development costs.
  15. GTRaser.at

    Mugello as Classic track in F1 2021

    Additional Track would fit more^^