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  1. Sorry but I have to agree. Saying "Yeah we know we don't included it" isn't an answer. But the problem with the SC is deeper as if I am in P1 and following the SC, if i fall back too much at the sector 2/3 line the SC does not come in.
  2. Well the on off function is nice as it is but an idea would be to integrate an option to deactivate the OT button when hitting the brake like the DRS also does.
  3. Well I don't know but on Steam 1.03 I still have the liverys & the clothings.
  4. Holy fudge, when using an instant cooker you also expect the stuff to be finished instant and don't give it 5 minutes to cook evenly.🙄
  5. IMO in singleplayer thats not such a big issue but when there is a longer qualy session on an online lobby then I would highly ask for that option as the Memelord has suffered many times in the #VirtualGPSeries
  6. Last time I saw that feature was in the dark Studio Liverpool days
  7. From a legal standpoint how big of an issue would it be? I guess as long as I don't publish any of that 'wrong' audio footage it's a 'No harm/No Foul' approach?
  8. I mean overkill for the PC would be to use the installed fonts on the OS, question always is if they integrate well But a few options as in other games with half as much wheels would be nice
  9. Normally they had at least 10 races in the bags before release so the data was quite accurate in the last year's. I remember horrors of F1 2005 when they released in Spring and expected that Ferrari will catch up and balanced then quite high and not ever accurate to the reality. The problem is that we don't really know how much useable data can be gathered in which amount of time. A quick fix could be to integrate the ratings FOM used during the coverage of the Austrian GP which was provided by Amazon Web Services in those inserts where they compared different stats scaled 1-1
  10. I think about the way to reverse in this question. In real F1 they keep the downshift paddle down for a longer time (1,5 sec is a number I heard once) and then the reverse is in. But I don't know if they go from first to reverse with the clutch or go to neutral and then in reverse. But I believe it's the latter one. But adding the option to map that would also require a modification to the driving aids about the gearbox. A new option would need to be added called something like 'Auto-Neutral' to choose between those suggested options.
  11. Same opinion, I have set the game to German but would love to hear Crofty or Will Buxton. I think the common audio output wish is english. And a crazy thought: Offer all kind of mixing there as it could even provide a educational option because to learn a language it is quite helpful to hear it in a context that somebody is familiar with. Far fetched, I know but I'm just adding arguments to it 😊
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