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  1. Okay, your right, disregard the winnings. You were right that Ferrari was the fastest engine ( this topic is only about performance right?), but after a directive from the FIA before the beginning of the GP in USA they lost a lot of their power (speed). not reliability, but power. In the winter tests they did not good, bad if I may say. so if you take those two in account, the engine of Ferrari isn't the best, but Mercedes. If you look at the DNF's from Honda and Renault, Renault had more problems then Honda, so I think, my opinion and I'm not trying to force my opinion, that the ran
  2. Okay, but one thing is that Ferrari is number one, that can't be. They only won 3 races last year same as Honda, had performance reductions last races, winter tests where awfull. How can it be that Ferrari is/was the number one in engine? Same with Honda versus Renault. Renault never won a race, was less reliable last year and with the winter test they didn't outperform Honda in the wintertests. The game is great and this can be fixed, but those 2 things are just very weird.
  3. Then again at the end of last year the Ferrari engine was not better then the Mercedes engine. If you look at the whole year Mercedes was the better engine not Ferrari. I don't know what happened, but they need to fix it as soon as possible. Mercedes won from the 21 races 15, Ferrari 3 and Honda 3. Sorry to say but it's just not right.
  4. Can I also rember you that the winter tests where disastrous for Ferrari. Looking at the winter tests the outcome for engines where - Mercedes - Honda - Ferrari - Renault Not Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda. I don't know what happened but I hope Codemasters will change the ranking, because now it's just not right.
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