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  1. RubenPAGE

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    I cannot connect to to the first link with my internet. You said then you may know the problem and whats to change.
  2. RubenPAGE

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    Hey, if figuerd something out. Now one Network is working !! Yay so its not my computer. Sadly my own Network isnt working. Although Net mask is open (checked it). I have to change some settings in my Network. Are there any ideas from your side what it could be? Maybe Ports or something like that. Its an Vodafone Gigacube which is working from the mobile Net. So no connection with an DSL cable.
  3. RubenPAGE

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    The issue appearde yesterday that was 19 hours ago. I dont know if you had these issues yesterday. I checked those links. They work just fine. So its not a firewall problem. Have you got any other ideas? Thank you for you fast and kind support. Me League racing mates from the same location in germany arent experiencing issues. Just as an information.
  4. RubenPAGE

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    I logged into my wifi and tried to open ports or change the Nat type. I also resetted my whole computer and installed windows 10 new. I switched between 4 different wifi Networks. I reinstalled the game 3 times. I used the same networks i played f1 2019 Is the fix I highlighted a fix for windows 10 ? So i would try this. For me it looked like its a fix for windows 7. And I tried many other solutions mentioned here. Thanks for the Help.
  5. RubenPAGE

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    Sorry im a little bit lost. I dont know what you mean with attempt troubleshooting. I bought f1 2020 schumacher Edition. My main Specs are windows 10 ryzen 5 radeon 390 24 gb ram I resettet my computer + windows 10 and reinstalled the system. + Steam + Game 3 times I switched between 4 Networks. But nothing works. Im not a pc guru so I need some help and a good explanation for each step. Im sorry. I also checked the Nat type. F1 2019 worked fine 2 days ago. Please sent help.
  6. RubenPAGE

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    Hey, is this still a thing for windows 10 ? Then i can try this one or is it just for windows ?
  7. RubenPAGE

    Error 1008:h on PC F1 2020

    Hey, I have the same problem. F1 2014 - F1 2019 worked just fine. I reinstalled the game 3 times. It didnt worked. Then I set up the computer again from scratch and installed windows again. I also switched 4 different Networks. Two routers and two mobile connections. All my friends are able to play. Its really a shame. Help!!!!!!