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  1. Michaelab156

    [PC] F1 2020 VVDL Season 7 [2 Tiers] Saturday 19:00 CET

    Hey question the season started if i read correctly but is there still room in tier 2?
  2. Michaelab156

    Party mode ban

    nha i dont think ERS should be effected maybe hotlap mode? but what Im talking about is the 4[MAX] fuel mode
  3. Michaelab156

    Party mode ban

    This is just a theory, So as I'm sure many of the people in this community are aware that party mode might be banned from Spa, my question is, like the halo when it was added IRL it was added in game, shouldn't party mode in quali be removed in game too? I mean if codemasters want to be as realistic as possible, Just wanted to start a discussion. Yes it will be a game changer but isnt it worth it if it lets the game be as close to the IRL season as possible?
  4. Do we have to change the engine to get a new engine sound? thats some Bs
  5. Same problem here its really annoying. Also can the devs say if and when its fixed do i have to spend another season with the same engine?
  6. Michaelab156

    F1 2020 My Team Engine Swap Doesn't work

    Same issue went from renu to ferrari and still with the renu engine
  7. Michaelab156

    F1 2020 F2 cars

    IDK if its a bug could be because ur reliability department isnt fully developed but idk
  8. Michaelab156

    Jeff tire status bug

    Right so Bought the game today went to create a team mode started a race in Australia my tires reach about 50% wear, Now i ask Jeff for tire status he says tires looking good, moving on to 60 percent wear i request tire status and jeff is just silent, i request it again and his silent. Jeff says the tires will start to fall off at around 55-60% i think but when asking for tire status Jeff is silent. Same thing happened in baharain. game version 1.03 crate a team. yes start a grand prix dk if it has to be in create a team or just a grand prix but start a race wait to 50% tire wear ask jeff for Tire status than again at 60% Happened both races i did in Create a team so i think always I dont think theres any troubleshooting to be done here 😐 I am using a wheel I dont have a video recording software Hope i helped! DxDiag.txt