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  1. Did more testing this morning. I have reinstalled the game, and the bug is still there. The AI cars do not exhibit this bug. I have tested this on every track, and this bug appears on all of them.
  2. Post was updated to fit the forum bug posting requirements. @UP100
  3. 1. When accelerating while using the automatic gear change assist, the gears will rapidly change back and forth every time the gear changes. For example, when, when you go from 5th to 6th gear, the car will then rapidly change between 6th and 7th gear about 5 times before settling into 6th gear. This bug happens occasionally while on a straight, but almost every time while accelerating through a corner. 2. Game version is 1.03 3. Replicated in career (F1 and F2), grand prix, and My team. Tracks were Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam (clip below) 4. This was replicated in 8 different races in the various modes listed above. There was never a race where this bug did not happen. 5. I tried toggling assists and reloading the game. I also tried switching cars, tracks, and gamemodes. 6. Playing on PC with a Keyboard 7. Clip below is the bug being replicated in Grand Prix mode in the Vietnam circuit. You can see the gears rapidly swapping in the bottom right corner, and you can also hear it. F1_2020_(DirectX_12)_2020-07-06_21-37-14.mp4