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  1. Check out the trailer for the attack  on titan movie. Looks really good!
  2. Ginetta's are amazing. GT3 especially
  3. Anyone have problems connecting to online lobbies on xbox? The game is excellent. Just need to work on multilayer.  Setting up your own lobbies is simple and fun but when you want to run in a random lobby it keeps disconnecting and stuff. 
  4. I have to disagree with you @crazehayes1984, the game was popular  and still is quite popular, yeah the handling  were easy but that were the best part,  being able to go in and out of corners 3/4 cars wide was exciting, challenging and kept things interesting. Most people were on the same level. Autosport is full of huffy sore losers and a decreasing popularity. Yeah the racing is good but not many people can race on the same level.
  5. Ah Gav.... I'm over it. Maybe you should try to.
  6. I'm sorry I forgot this were a gaming forum. Don't worry, my opinion weren't aimed at you as a person it were aimed at your opinion and your theory, because i dont agree with it.Like I said,  to much sensitivity....
  7. Ah go away you child, trying to make an argument out of nothing  but an opinion against your theory. 
  8. @mmpaw37 chill the fuck out. If you re read what I said I said I 'think'. Meaning my opinion. I've never spoke to you before other than this thread,  if you honestly class what I wrote as instigating or thst I'm targeting you in some way then really dude, I will go else where and speak to people that won't take something to heart so much.  That's why I try not to use the CM forum so much anymore. Way to much sensitivity. 
  9. F1 has a pretty strict fan base though  don't it so i think F1 fans will buy the game regardless.  I wonder if there's a way to make it more appealing to a bigger crowd. A tricky one
  10. Already tried this mate, got a little feedback, let's hope ypu get more! :)
  11. Yeah project cars looks quality. Really can't wait for that lol, as for F1. It's a long process, from previous experience from cm releases I think they have done things a little to fast, for whatever reason I don't know but customer pressure is a steady guess, I say leave it to the masters of the code, they're good at what they do and I think they will hit the spot perfectly :)
  12. But both of you preorder the game with no info in the first place? My brain hurts now.
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