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  1. I just smash all the AI  out on the first corner haha.  Then smooth racing from there :)
  2. NWRCharger

    DiRTy Gossip

    12th August.  Release date.
  3. I'd love to be able to work face to face with the grid team putting a few ideas across
  4. It's a good idea to leave it for a while, maybe start now, and release in a year/year and a half making a gamethat will sweep the grid community off their feet.
  5. NWRCharger

    Will a June release help sales

    I don't think a release date at any time of year would alter the amount of people buying the game. The f1 series has a very strict audience and the people that were gonna get the game would get it regardless of other game release. It's one of them games which you either love or hate
  6. NWRCharger

    2015 for free?

    For free? Yeahhhhh :) lol
  7. There's so much friction between players online because the community is so small these days, arguments happen,  people take it as a malicious attack if you make a mistake or even beat somebody. I stopped playing grid because of a team that didn't like to lose but I did nothing but beat them and so did my team. Being called a cheat because you are much better than somebody isn't my idea of a good time either. Never stoop to their level. If they wreck you take it on the chin then just beat them in next race. 
  8. Send a message to one or the community managers. It worked fine for me as long as you have proof of your query 
  9. NWRCharger

    Forza 5 - The V8 Supercars Championship

    I would love to take part in this, just work Rediculous hours so it's difficult to commit to it
  10. I'd go for a wheel stand, you could probably get some grips but they will just wear away quickly.  And I wouldn't fancy two holes in my floor from where you have bolted the pedals down lol :)
  11. What is the meaning of life? Lol someone had to :)
  12. NWRCharger

    Youtuber could you please check it out

    Subscribed, everybody deserves publicity :)
  13. NWRCharger


    Customers are losing faith in codemasters for a lot of reasons but from reading some of @justbiglee 's previous statements it's very likely to improve. I hope it does the same as everybody else. Codemasters have made excellent games since the birth of the company. 
  14. I can see why anybody would be wounded at this but for me I'm quite laid back about it. I'm used to paying what I pay now so I might aswell just get on with it lol
  15. @RevolvingPrawn I'd buy a pc but I don't have a clue how to use one. Way to much go do on it and it hurts my brain haha
  16. NWRCharger


    It's just a glitch.  My highest speed on grid 1 was 2 billion lol. Just caught a part of the track which has glitched your car. I gained my top speed on okutama tipping my car over kerb on the right hand side just after the tight left turn. It flips you really high off the track and if you can get it just right it crashed ypur xbox lol
  17. NWRCharger

    What is the next GRID-Game you want?

    Surveys like these should be taken by the thousands, that way something could be done about it 
  18. NWRCharger

    Improving Codemasters Image

    Nah @@samueltrautman it is still next gen for codemasters release as they haven't released anything on xbox one or ps4 yet.  With the ps3 and xbox 360 remaining so popular I'd still class the ps4 and xbox one as next gen consoles to.  But at the same time it shouldn't really matter what anybody refers them as right?
  19. NWRCharger

    Improving Codemasters Image

    Strong point in the thread, the part I can sort of step back with as far as the new F1 and dirt releases go, they're built on next gen consoles maybe it's just a little harder to develop for a more advanced console. I agree with most other things In this post. As it seems, Codemasters is falling apart.
  20. NWRCharger

    Unsubscribing from a thread

    I get a lot of notifications that aren't relevant to me as well. Wouldn't mind knowing this myself
  21. NWRCharger

    racenet rankings full of cheaters

    I have ran a 2.14.1. It's mainly based on how well you take that winding section coming back down the mountain. You need to be almost flat out down there
  22. NWRCharger

    racenet rankings full of cheaters

    It should have been done properly. The more laps and longer races you do the more experience points you recieve. Also based on finishing position. 
  23. NWRCharger

    racenet rankings full of cheaters

    Unless it's some sort of hack you will be ignored mate.
  24. NWRCharger

    The Game Thread!

    Michael Jackson need to learn to eat with his mouth closed lol manners