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  1. Seeing the same people block up this forum with the same issue over and over is just mind boggling though. The situation has been notified and will be dealt with when it's dealt with. 
  2. I'm gona be on tomorrow if you want to add me mate :) NWR Charger LE 
  3. ..... My point is, I'm happy with the game. Along with other people. Been a CM fan since the beginning and it won't be stopping there because of a small error in the game which can be avoided. 
  4. Wtf is any acceptance on a game? It's meant for fun but your taking it so seriously. 
  5. It's obvious that the game needs fixing and some of us are willing to do something to work around it so it doesn't make any difference to us at all. You on th other hand, lazy, nothing but a low quality troll. 
  6. I personally think it will be fixed soon, and when it is it's gonna be just as good as it is now :)
  7. You have been nothing but a pain in the a*se since you started commenting. 
  8. Go find a threat  which is resolving your issues then instead of interfering on something which doesn't concern you in the slightest. 
  9. Well what are you complaining about haha! Yours has been patched!
  10. Omg haha.... Just another one of them morons that need to stop playing xbox and concentrate on something more important in life. If your gona be so determined on being so negative over a game that cost you £40 then there's something seriously wrong...
  11. What's so hard about improvising for the time being??? I'm done talking to you. 
  12. Ahhhh @papawhiskey89‌, You talk so much crap mate, personally I posted this up to see the support codemasters were getting. Your saying the game isn't complete, it is complete it just needs fixing. That is all, if you can't work around that then that's your issue. Go twist on a different post.. Like I said, negativity gets you nowhere. I'm sure nobody wants to sit and read what you are writing just complaining about every little thing possible. Your boring.,
  13. Very true mate, the concept of  why they are doing though gives the game more purpose :)
  14. Even if it isn't for prizes but to just sort of put your name up there and have a results thread on the forum :)
  15. Have to say CM, loving the intel challenge! Really put some time and effort into this upto now and would love to see this kind of thing more often! 
  16. Have to say CM, loving the intel challenge! Really put some time and effort into this upto now and would love to see this kind of thing more often! :)
  17. All I can say is you lot are quite sad. To be fair even if save corruption were fixed you would just concentrate on the next thing to winge about. Either way I'm happy with the game, it's not 100% complete but whatever, il do what I can with it for how it is..... And to be fair I'd rather be dealing with save corruption then still wait for it to be released and to continue playing grid 2.... 
  18. What is so blind about the support? I am enjoying the game and it's codemasters that made that happen. Your like a bunch of babies that haven't been fed. 
  19. @papawhiskey89‌  it's the likes of you that I'm referring to as the idiot in this post. Negativity gets you nowhere. 
  20. Il be honest, id love to take a job like that, just to far away lol
  21. Just because some of us don't wana sit an mope about something tht hasn't been fixed does not make anyone a fanboy haha. Just because were not whiney about something that you lot are doesn't make us fanboys either. Just deal with the fact tht the save corruption bug hasn't been fixed yet. 
  22. Right, so accidentally overwriting your data is not a simple mistake? How far into detail can you go? Maybe whoever it were was occupied by something else... Haha.  Maybe he pressed the wrong button.... How much of an answer did you actually want?
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