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  1. what style of music (genre, band, artist, DJ etc...) gets your adrenaline flowing whilst racing? Post some up, could do with a few new ideas :D
  2. Have to say touring cars,  quite hard to have competitive races in the likes of openwheel :)
  3. I've noticed, the BMW runs better than the cruze around street circuits whereas the cruze is better at anything else. The focus has got a really smooth feel and is much nicer to drive. The civic is just.... We'll, no match I'm my opinion. 
  4. Wasn't the intention of selling CM product to please the crowd and make money in the first place?  To be honest I wouldn't design such a complex game and not want anything out of it lol.,Toca racedriver wasn't a bad series. I personally wouldn't call it a money option, I'd say it was just a new idea to draw the crowds. Everybody likes a storyline in a game to, yet it is possibly to see where your coming from in a sense. 
  5. It's in the process, one of the NWR team members will be running it but I wana get out and join other leagues at the moment
  6. Is there anything codemasters are planning in terms of leagues for 360? Would be an excellent oppertunity for people that put a lot of time and effort into their games :)
  7. is there any way we can have more info on who is requesting to join your club on racenet? A lot of people have different names on their racenet account to their GT.
  8. possibly with capture card, im unsure. I use xbox mate
  9. The only other way I can suggest is use a camera or camera phone,  still works pretty well :)
  10. upload your club liveries on here and listen to peoples opinions :)
  11. look back to grid 1, same applies with the lacetti. try doing things with the BMW that you could do with the lacetti. it would spin out lol, every class technically needs its 'top car'. 
  12. Look at the advantage of not having the lap leaderboards yet, codemasters can rule out all of the glitches so lap times with not be glitched onto the leaderboard :)
  13. I know  which club you mean there @FOSTBITTEN haha. 
  14. Haha yeah man, good work mate, sounds like sore losers ;)
  15. I think the way the kick voting system works on autosport playlist lobbies is good, but sometimes find getting kicked out of lobbies for having to many points or being quick is quite unfair. I've heard a lot of complaints about this happening from a a lot of racers.  You sort of earned the right to be that fast or start up the front.  One person will kick you and will influence other to Aswell... An idea for fixing that may be to take the kick vote off the lobby screen and just have it on the racers screen that's recieved the kick vote so  no one else can see it... This idea doe
  16. Hmmm, possibly something for the next patch
  17. Some of the guys I play with and myself have been trying to work it out because it's pretty difficult to tell if the actual upgrades make a huge difference
  18. I was just wondering, if you turn upgrades and tuning off does it actually balance your car out to stock or does it have your upgrades on but you can't change them?
  19. Try going into racenet club, then go back from that and reapply livery to all of your cars
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