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  1. Unless it's some sort of hack you will be ignored mate.
  2. Michael Jackson need to learn to eat with his mouth closed lol manners
  3. Is that Heinz harald frentzen @Wynterdust ?
  4. Yeah I will do mate, I don't play F1 but I'm looking to get right into the new ones that's coming out
  5. Haha yeah man I know it's quite impossible,  it's a shame though. I can understand why there won't be any more grid releases aswell. Can't wait for F1 to be released, gonna get right into this one!
  6. This would be an awesome idea. Racedriver grid was without a doubt the best grid game to have close and competitive racing. I personally would love this to happen, updated with more tracks and a wider range of cars.a lot of other people I'm sure would like this aswell! :) Is there any way or chance to have a discussion about remaking the game that created the best online racing over at codemasters HQ? It would be worth it I think :)
  7. I have given up with the whole boosting thing now. Caught 3 teams doing it and part of me thought screw it. I'm Gona start. The other part of me decided that there's more to life than boosting on a game. I have given up with grid autosport for many reasons like many more of my team members. Roll on project cars and F1 2015! :)
  8. It's a shame codemasters have to follow the F1 franchise every year. It would be good to take an extra year out and just master a F1 title every 2 years. More time to work on it, fix bugs etc. This way you could work more on community feedback aswell. Say if an idea becomes high on demand then you will have time to process it into the game.
  9. For some people it could be the nature of the win that you get. 
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6G7jR8KbBbk
  11. @SynGamer  I heard they were releasing a season 2. Hopefully!
  12. Just watched high school of the dead and attack on titan. They are both really good. Recommend the Watch.  Not usually a fan of anime but they actually got me interested :) Really hoping high school of the dead brings a second season. 
  13. I remember there were a few fast girls on first grid on xbox. Stupidly quick. Used to have some of the best races with them. They were genuine aswell as Clean. They give position back if they knock you off, @NWRStorm will also remember these people. 
  14. Nokia 3410 lol. dunno how to put photos on here though. Indestructible! 
  15. I had one guy tell me he lives near me. Wanting to fight me. I'm not one for taking the whole gaming thing to seriously.  I enjoy it but not to the point where I want to fight people lol. The bloke is over the age of 40. Online gaming is going a little to far now. You wouldn't expect that from an angry teenager let alone a 40 whatever year old man. 
  16. @justbiglee there's been a few occasions where people from on the consoles bring all of the drama onto the forums. Happened against me a few times, racing incidents, people trying to make you look bad etc... Is there anything that can be done about that in the future?
  17. I can't believe I'm actually reading this crap. Justifying the actions of a Bully???  Wow  lol.  I Give up on the human species and their stupidity.
  18. Quality mate, more racing games need well organised events like this. Good job!
  19. So what part of calling people names and being abusive do you find clever @SirDriftalots? 
  20. @SirDriftalots.... If I remember you said my girlfriend looks like your retarded nephew.... You fall into a very similar category to this thread. Bullies are bullies whether it's virtual or reality. Someone that takes their insecurities out on somebody else. Some people take it to heart more heavily than others but who's right is it to say they aren't allowed to do that? You don't know anything about a person's background over the Internet, somebody you haven't met etc.... Some people need to learn to keep their foolish and abusive comments to themselves. Like your little crack at me months ag
  21. Project cars is the deal breaker for me for playing any racing games. I seen a 64 grid race the other day on youtube. .. WTF lol. Looked insane. From what I've seen upto now it doesn't look bad at all. Roll on release date! :)
  22. @Sandman705‌  hi mate. Il be honest I would say that it's you for now, obviously your used to straight up simulation games, it's all about finding the lines and getting a feel for the game.  I was like that when I recently switched to forza 5. I used a lot of swear words before I actually understood the game and  how to play it. Find it really enjoyable now :)
  23. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8uW6iGxcNqQ Only In japan
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