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  1. How about super monaco GP? The one where you race on cockpit, quality game :)
  2. V rally did it for me, I think it were the track creator, just used to make stupidly massive jumps haha
  3. What would you class as your all time favourite racer over the decades? Post your answers and a detailed description of why :)
  4. Thanks for all your work @loore mate and your support to the community! Good luck with your future endeavours you done a great job here. Pat yourself on the back :)
  5. But think back say the toca games. They were huge. 
  6. It would be a good idea to separate touring cars from grid. It would have its own massive selling point and could put way more detail and effort into it. Same for grid. All the other disciplines into their own game. 
  7. Not much here where I live in the north east of England. County Durham,  bordering hartlepool and Sunderland. I live in an ex mining village. Very old fashioned but nice.
  8. We are all clean mate. A few excused hiccups in play lists but we run very clean in custom lobbies. And we're always open to give advice on getting faster to mate. You play with fast people you learn the way they play
  9. I'm at work tonight and tomorrow night so I'd count on someone running a lobby mate. Keep your eye open :) over the weekend I should be setting some up and when I get back on xbox il send you a friend request to invite you more frequently :)
  10. It's what we need pal. Mix it up and stuff :)
  11. Hi everyone, just to give a heads up me and a few of the people I play with set up custom lobbies to race specific disciplines around every track, from demo derby to endurance racing and everything in between.  We're trying to boost the amount of custom lobbies open so there's a wider range of racing styles to choose from so don't hide yourself you will have fun :) (xbox 360).
  12. @Lukedfrt‌ aren't they releasing F1 2014 for xbox one or will it be 2015?
  13. Will F1 2014 be the first game released on next gen by Microsoft? 
  14. Go to storage and delete the dlc content then reinstall it from the dashboard :)
  15. You see all your doing is trying to 'one up' people. Just crack on with what you do. You have the bad reputation you have through your own actions and everybody knows it. You tried and failed to ruin the league I've set up so that for one shows how many people care for your videos. Take your crap elsewhere. I'm getting this thread blocked now
  16. Haha yeah back in the grid 1 days @camron72.  The best days :)
  17. You are seriously pathetic lol. Got tic tic boom being a tail at the start of the race so greg give him a taste of his own medicine. We had no intention of wrecking anybody. It's you and NSR all about trying to humiliate other racers.  Fair enough you beat me. Not that hard of a job as I've never really been super quick on the game but I caught you though and pulled half a second on your lap time.  That's good enough for me. If I wanted to race dirty you would a had it on the first turn or even the last one when I caught you and fluke. Take all the videos you want your only giving yo
  18. Not they are running our livery haha. I don't mind. Just another show of petulance 
  19. Apparently the son of God is an offence. Stupid.
  20. I didn't start anything lol Jesus. Tell me what I did wrong for all of this to happen. Enlighten me...
  21. Answer me one question @RTAnoskills‌. Do you not think this is out of hand and stupid?
  22. . God I'm not even gonna pay attention to this crap anymore to this 'gregtwo' crap anymore.  IT IS A GAME. Grow a set of bollocks and stop being such a little girl.  Them 5 or 6 members btw, some of the only ones that play the game. ... everyone else have went to xbox one, we have the reputation for being the fastest club. I didn't say anything about individual  members. We have a few people which we are training in. Time trial leaderboards,  we top a food fraction of them. ... I'd say we have the fastest guys on the game. Like I said.... I can't tell greg what to do. Not h
  23. It'd been fine for me mate. Send @loore a message I'm sure he will be able to help you
  24. @camron72‌ I understand you mate. The only problem are these guys are holding a grudge over one lobby.  As far as I'm concerned they can get on with it. We know where to race clean and it's the best way to avoid these people :)
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