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  1. Hi everyone, just to give a heads up me and a few of the people I play with set up custom lobbies to race specific disciplines around every track, from demo derby to endurance racing and everything in between.  We're trying to boost the amount of custom lobbies open so there's a wider range of racing styles to choose from so don't hide yourself you will have fun :) (xbox 360).
  2. You see all your doing is trying to 'one up' people. Just crack on with what you do. You have the bad reputation you have through your own actions and everybody knows it. You tried and failed to ruin the league I've set up so that for one shows how many people care for your videos. Take your crap elsewhere. I'm getting this thread blocked now
  3. You are seriously pathetic lol. Got tic tic boom being a tail at the start of the race so greg give him a taste of his own medicine. We had no intention of wrecking anybody. It's you and NSR all about trying to humiliate other racers.  Fair enough you beat me. Not that hard of a job as I've never really been super quick on the game but I caught you though and pulled half a second on your lap time.  That's good enough for me. If I wanted to race dirty you would a had it on the first turn or even the last one when I caught you and fluke. Take all the videos you want your only giving yourself a worse reputation.  Nobody thinks any less of us because of it and tbh I've had a couple of messages laughing at how pathetic you are. 
  4. . God I'm not even gonna pay attention to this crap anymore to this 'gregtwo' crap anymore.  IT IS A GAME. Grow a set of bollocks and stop being such a little girl.  Them 5 or 6 members btw, some of the only ones that play the game. ... everyone else have went to xbox one, we have the reputation for being the fastest club. I didn't say anything about individual  members. We have a few people which we are training in. Time trial leaderboards,  we top a food fraction of them. ... I'd say we have the fastest guys on the game. Like I said.... I can't tell greg what to do. Not his dad, his boss or any form of authority to him. Like I said you know how to take stuff well out of line.  Your a drama queen.  Everybody knows by your videos that's all they make you come across as.
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