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  1. Can any of you remember the battle between plato and matt neal?  Yeah that's a real reason to be angry. They have knocked each other off the track countless times but they are mature. adults.  Would Sam tordoff or Gordon shedden start T boning the opposition? I highly doubt it.its all about having a laugh.
  2. From what I remember everyone were messing everyone up In that lobby to... because we have the reputation for being the fastest on xbox 360 GAS does that mean we aren't allowed to join in the fun? NSR have the reputation of being wreckers. If that's what they wanted then that's what they've got. It makes no difference whether it's one club battling with them or another. I can't remember one clean room I've had with NSR. If they aren't trying to wreck us they're trying to wreck somebody else. Once you have managed pull your tongue out of RTA's arse and cleaned it appropriately you might actually understand that this is just a game. You lot are treating it like a reality event. Real life racing. As for your idea of trying to ruin a league I have set up it hasn't worked. The league is set.
  3. Right let's just throw what greg did out the window. What was your problem with me? It took till the second lap for you to hit me. I didn't hit you. I was just racing as you do. Your only explanation is your team member hit my girlfriend.... I couldn't give a toss. It's not important to me. It wouldn't have affected my race if you didn't T bone Me.  I didn't expect you to hit me because I didn't expect you to rise to that. Greg is my mate, it doesn't mean I'm gonna start wrecking you or anybody else if I seen you in a lobby. I know greg has a gob on him and likes to troll a lot and stuff but that's not my problem. People don't like him, people find him hilarious it's each to their own. I think he cracks a good joke. You just know how to pull a situation out of hand as you have done with most other clubs and racers on grid. You haven't exactly got the cleanest guys on your team either. POOTASHBANDIT is the one I have a problem with. A xbox hard man. He must be in his 40s and he wants to fight people come on.... do you see that as acceptable?  Yet you have caused all of this fuss over greg ramming one of your members? I think you need to look a little closer to home when you point the finger.
  4. You see this is so childish lol. If I were to join your lobby to wreck you in the first place I would have done it lol.  I did nothing wrong to start with. Greg two hits fluke so you take me out. Come on a bit stupid isn't it? I don't even care lol. A games a game. My theory is avoid the wreckers and you will have a clean race. That's exactly what I'm doing now.... greg is alright. He comes on and messes about. He has a laugh. He races clean when he wants to race clean just like I do and I'm not one for stopping him. I'm not his dad. And about AOR boosting wasn't it your member prototype racer?  Haha. I don't know what point you are trying to prove here because nobody actually gives a crap. Let it go.
  5. Maybe one day you will be given the gift of maturity. Bitching about clubs on a game isn't my idea of a good time. I dunno what your social life is like but mine is still intact to some extent so get on with it mate. Just don't cry about it. A bit silly really. If you can't take a mess about online then that's your problem. 
  6. Haha I'm pretty sure nobody really cares. We race clean with people that race clean with us, I give 3 chances. Il be honest, I used to be really competitive on grid. If I still want to race competitively I set up a custom lobby and invite the cleanest fastest people I know but if I want to mess around and have some fun I join play list races. After all,  gaming is about having fun isn't it? I think you should speak to ajax and tic tic boom. They seem to think kicking off is the most 'effective' way of dealing with things.  They embarrass themselves.  

  7. @onetwothree I'm a huge fan of zombie films and I have to agree with you on cockneys vs zombies.  I enjoyed it haha. Sometimes you find the low budget movies to be the best. Try dead heads, it's very daft but tbh it's really funny and enjoyable haha.
  8. Hahaa. Anybody that knows who my team really are they know we are clean and consistent. I'm just glad you spend most of your hours in the day editing videos of and me and my club. We aren't wreckers hence why we're so bad at it, we can't wreck, we just have a good laugh trying to do it. Now stop bringing your drama onto the forums. It's just a laugh.  Try having a laugh for a change and stop taking things so seriously it's not good for you.
  9. Hi all, going to be running a 6 team league in the new year. It's being organised at this moment. 6 clubs, 2 racers per team battling it out to take as many points as possible for drivers and team standings. We would like to run every track on the game, it's upto you to pick your drivers. If you want to participate then send me a message on here or send me a message on my gamer tag at NWR l Charger l. A small amount of clubs have been banned from this league (for various reasons), I'm not naming or shaming. Dates and times will be specified once we know everybody's availability and it will be possible to use backup drivers to. Oh.... prizes will be involved for 1st,  2nd and 3rd positions as well as a team prize! :) happy racing!
  10.  Personally I don't see how these 3 things can be applied in grid games. There aren't enough custom lobbies open at any time (on xbox 360) for codemasters to put the extra effort in to assign pit stops etc. Nobody really runs long races. The most you will get out of 99% of the community is 5 lap races and that is only for the shorter tracks. I don't see how it will become appealing to attract a crowd worth spending the money for. In my opinion you only really bump into the same people every day on grid autosport. It were the same on race driver grid and grid 2. I don't know how the popularity fares on the other available platforms but I just can't see it working in 360 :/
  11. There's so much drama on codemasters games. Wonder what it is you lot are doing @loore but I think your highest profit would be made in Eastenders or coronation street haha. I've learned to keep my head down. Cba with the irrelevant and petulant negativity.
  12. Hopefully not. CM should move onto something bigger and better.  The online play lists are quite shot and get boring to quickly. From personal preference to I get kicked out of lobbies for being a 'cheater'.... I play the game well. Some people just can't accept that other people are faster than them.  Just getting a little to boring for me :( a game based on BTCC with massive lobbies would be good for next gen :)
  13. Haha I've challenged their whole team to 1v1 races and they accepted!  Gonna show them how terrible their racing skills are.  I can guarantee I can beat each and every one of them by at least 5 seconds 
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