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  1. I for one couldn't care about an apology. Got my game fixed that's all I need :)
  2. The game is fixed. There's no need for any other improvement. Or nothing worth bringing up anyways. Have to say I'm 100% happy with it now :)
  3. Yep me to. Absolutely smashed one of them. Totaled his vehicle.  And to see that a one of the oTRAo members is getting amongst it to.... good god haha. I thought they were supposed to be the 'top' team. The best of the best..... haha. 
  4. Haha that gobby one on here tried to reverse into me on the start finish straight.  He backed out in shame. DQ hahahaha
  5. Haha nice. I think they have just jumped into the game thinking they will be better than anyone else and.... It backfired lol.
  6. Haha. We all know what he's capable of. 
  7. Couldn't agree more haha :)
  8. @NutUPorSHUTup‌..... that's the sort of pathetic childish remark you would get from.... Well.... A child. Your just proving yourself to be petulant
  9. @sasblink I hope you showed them french after they kicked me haha.  LPF..... last place Frenchies. 
  10. Just had a lobby completely ripped into two different lobbies.
  11. Nooooo the patch has been released! Or some sort of update.... which makes the game even more unplayable... to the point where it is literally.... unplayable.
  12. Yep. Same just happened to me. If this doesn't get sorted out today I am officially done with the game.
  13. I sort of understand where your coming from @MeatbolicX83‌. There isn't really any drama involved in this situation. A lot of us have had to deal with people like this on multiple occasions. We aren't targeting them as individuals. They're probably cool guys. What they're doing is a completely different story though. Look at the reaction from the leader because people have an issue with it. He knows fine well. That is all.
  14. I say let them crack on mate. We don't need to boost to be up there
  15. Jamara and tremblant and any other circuits where you lag unnecessarily,  it's when you look backwards. Try not to look backwards and you won't lag at all. Obviously general lag due to connection is unavoidable. 
  16. Couldn't have said it better @sasblink
  17. It's just excuses in my eyes tbh fluke. Had some above average races with these guys. A lot of them are cool to get on with as well.  They're just doing things in the wrong way
  18. Codemasters need to sort it out. It's pathetic what people can actually do... yeah its an experience leader board and all that but.... what gives anyone the right to crack open a one lap lobby and get there with a short amount of numbers in their club? There are 50 people in NWR. I don't see why anyone would want to be a part of a team that want to just run one lappers to get up there. I call it sad and boring.
  19. I don't understand. Why do you have to run one lap time attacks to rank up your car's?  What's wrong with doing it in an actual none boosting lobby? The way I see it, we just have another team beez on our hands. Can't do it properly. You have team sas and NWR up there on the leader board but that has Been done legit. I would never bring my team to boost. They don't need to boost. 
  20. Haha yeah very true. There's a lot of good players in play list but there's a lot of errrr. ... aggressive ones to lol
  21. I think it would be a great idea to use this forum to create 1 vs 1 challenges or 2 vs 2 challenges etc on grid autosport. For all three platforms to. It is a great way to find more competition,  meet new people and a really good way to learn the game to.  Does this sound appealing to anyone?
  22. Just to put it out there, apologies if it has I just couldn't be bothered to read a full thread but the freezing issue definitely has something to do with your racenet livery. I have just reapplied all of mine and I froze first race. I usually go between  10 and 20 races before I'm froze out. 
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