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  1. Speaking on behalf of the whole xbox grid autosport community the situation  is not looking good. We had save corruption issues. It got sorted, now we have freezing issues, and I've heard about more and more save corruptions happening.  What's happening codemastwrs? 
  2. I need everything mate, as for budget it will be a savings job so whatever it's going to cost I will be saving up for it regardless of the price :) I wouldn't have a clue how to build one. Imagine your grandmother trying to build a car. It's not happening lol. 
  3. We'll maybe this is a deal breaker, obviously there's a lot of people unhappy. Next time around I'm sure CM will get it straight. All games need updating after release. Some which you can cope with and some which are really bad. There's only so much you can determine though with a small quality team. Everything changes when thousands of people are playing the game at once. 
  4. My point here is, why all the abuse and vile arguments? It doesn't need to be that way, get way to personal. People just try to P I S S each other off. Like what operator is doing now but I'm not going to belittle myself in giving him what he wants. I think CM need to close this forum and work on it. 
  5. Asif people have an issue because the office is closed! Haha, getting a bit silly now. Like hell would I put that weekend work in for 70% of the people on this forum either! Argumentative, verbally aggressive trolls with the only interest on putting someone down is my main target of this comment. Surely it's in codemasters own interest if they wanna work overtime on the weekend or not lol. I work for Audi, making wheel hubs, and if Audi said something along the lines of that to me i wouldn't be happy. 
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