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  1. Whey thats just the mentality of people mate. There's never a win in anything. 
  2. All the rubbish about 'freezing issues' on grid autosport.... People getting refunds, people actually taking it so personally that they throw abuse about to others and the company that made the game.... You want a patch out so badly, if you want it done properly then why are you rushing it? Would you rather wait a little longer and have the patch with no other issues or would you rather demand it now and have the possibility of needing another patch to fix another issue that arises because it were rushed???  The way I see this is, there's many more games out there, if u don't like freezi
  3. Just don't listen to peoples crap, they make up their own little theory to things. To be fair, yeah codemasters could have done a better job than this but look at the bigger picture, it's all about PC. PC is their highest selling point and like any company, business or association, that is the area where you would use most of your focus right? Yeah it's not something to be best pleased with but it's reality. Codemasters will patch the consoles. 
  4. Haha, people talk so much crap on here. They will believe anything.... Ever heard of Chinese whispers?!! Hahaha
  5. Need to be so easy on the trottle, you can take the track a lot easie than you probably think :)
  6. I don't understand how the word N1P comes across as offensive or unwanted with the whole ****. Unsure if I have made an error or not but what the heck lol. 
  7. @Operator1 I can define you as the sort that will try nip a comment or photo in a situation to instigate whatever you can. That's from my personal experience, exactly like what you have done here. 
  8. Even online, I've changed my GT so not many people know who I am, upto now it's had it's ups and downs, general noobs that can't play as well as I can saying I cheating or people that didn't get on with me before saying I drive dirty telling me I'm really fast, or vice versa. It's funny lol :) 7 club invites upto now. No thanks, because grid autosport on 360 isn't highly populated it seems to have gained it's own 'drama' series. I reccommend selling that codemasters, you will make thousands lol
  9. I (and I speak for a lot of other people to) want to come on here, have mature discussions about bugs and patches  and title releases and stuff, I like to have a laugh on here. Yeah people are entitled to have debates or argue their point but that mixed with childish behaviour and argumentative people = troll haven. Grammar police, spelling nazis etc (your typical troll) just don't deserve anyone's attention. They are out to make people angry. I hate trolls
  10. Why has the codemasters forum turned into a place where overage children argue about the most stupid things? I think CM need to be stricter
  11. What's all this crap about fanboys lol, some people can cope with bugs and issues, are them the people that are fanboys? Please enlighten me. Fair enough you aren't 100% pleased with the game, doesn't make people that are fanboys. 
  12. I think the majority of you should stop taking anything on a game to seriously. This forum is a joke. Put some time into something more realistic. 
  13. GJ77 Indie is short for independent you morons.@Loore @Photonik good posts. So how does that make Codemasters an indie developer when they work with F1 and a hell of a lot of other companies? It's a successful multi national company with one of the best development reputations despite the ups and downs recently. CM is not an indie dude. 
  14. I can't wait for the patch to cancel freeze up comes out, just wanna get online and win races! Haha :)
  15. Can understand your frustration there, wasted hours that could have been put into something more productive, that's a shame mate, hope you find the right game path 
  16. The drag racing is very hard in my opinion, gona take some getting used to as I usually run touring cars, but racing down a 1 mile drag strip in a funny car.... Ouch haha. Good luck keeping it straight!!
  17. Get yourselves on F1 for a few weeks, that will help out with individual performance 
  18. The thought of being Binned off the track by some bad racer then having a DQ for it to just isn't appealing at all, and @scottishwildcat, they have put point to point and drag races in so I don't think they intended on just circuit racing
  19. Hi @loore and co-workers, I was just wondering if there were any updates on the patch to stop game freeze? 
  20. I for one am sick of childish behaviour closing down threads on this forum, people get chatting, discussion is the base of every solution, maybe there's a way to just block one person from the thread, the 'instigator'. 
  21. @ishkhan, the only thing your doing here is making people hate you. I'd give up if I were you. 
  22. @ishkhan mate, you can't call people cheaters which are clearly faster than you on the game, practice is the key, the best place for anyone in your situation is get yourself into time trial and learn the lines and the speed, faster lap times =faster racing, as for being on the track with other racers, if you can keep up and have no intentions of wrecking, then it should flow. 
  23. I got the idea thinking about black ops with wager matches 
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