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  1. Wager races! Would be fun to be able to put some of your online credit into a pot and have a leaderboard for the amount! an idea for the future 
  2. This guy would make a great real life racing commentator :D
  3. Wager races! Would be fun to be able to put some of your online credit into a pot and have a leaderboard for the amount! an idea for the future :D
  4. If your talking about 16 cars on the grid online look at it from another angle, it would be completely hectic and really laggy
  5. Ohhh also compatibility packs that are a mandatory download to play the game!
  6. For custom lobbies you should arrange compatibility packs @loore. I don't know how it would be arrange or costs etc but it's probably the best way around it
  7. Is that just for countries @loore? Or is that for dirty lap times to. 
  8. You don't get it @muckymu. Your opinion is unwanted here. Your here to try and cause an argument and get a rise out of people. 
  9. Ah @muckymu. You opinion doesn't count for anything. From my point of view if I were beat by legitimate times then fair play. It's robbery man. I won a codemasters goodie bag for being number 1 without using a wall to get around a corner. Shows exactly how desperate and incapable people are. That goodybag is passed on to a one of the runners up. Unsure which one. Don't want anything from CM. 
  10. The fact that a lot of us asked wether wall riding was acceptable or not nobody got a straight answer. 
  11. Just shows where honesty gets you. And really? What a heap of crap. 
  12. @loore you also said you know exactly how fast you can get around the track. I'm assuming you used the wall Aswell?
  13. I'm sure @loore said any times that were achieved by unfair means would be removed from the leaderboards. Just recieved an email saying I have won a codemasters goody bag. YEAHHH!! , all them hours put in to get a legitimate number 1 time and they give the top prizes away to people  that have used a wall to get a fast time. Talk about being robbed. Good game, terrible. rules....
  14. @thehemps I enjoyed it mate, was real fun, we will have to do it again :)
  15. I have an idea which I think would be an absolute joy to take part in run. A big knockout tournament on grid autosport. 1v1 racing with a completely randomised field order. The limit of drivers able to participate are endless, the ability to spectate each and every race so everything runs smoothly and anyone can take part. With these basic ideas on the table, who would like to see something like this happen in the near future?
  16. There's one corner where it gives you big advantage
  17. Id say it is the wall riding you need to be concerned about. 
  18. then surely I'm allowed to put my opinion in Aswell? Ok, maybe I was. Little over the top calling peopl idiots but to take offence to that is a whole different story. At the time I seen 3 different posts giving advice on getting a refund for the game.... Hense me giving advice about backing your save file up.  The popularity of CM games goes down, the less effort they will put in which will result in loss of business, and the nomore product. I'm sorry like but I'm one for support. Yeah my example might seem far fetched but I've seen this situation before. 
  19. Do you actually think complaining so much about it is going to speed things up? To my knowledge it's not even codemasters that are handling the patches, it's microsoft. So go on one of their forums and complain. Fair enough, the first 100 posts to have this dealt with are reasonable but anything you see now is people complaining that their save has corrupted, and I'm saying there's ways around it. If your not willing to do that then all you can do is deal with it until it gets patched.... 
  20. I'm simply giving out options such as backing up your data to help but the response I'm getting is 'why should I'..... We'll if you want to keep your save data then do it? If your not willing to do that then shut up and stop blocking up the forum. It's simple. 
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