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  1. DuncanMorleyy

    F1 2020 bug deleted pitlane points

    Ok thank you so much for the help 👍🏻:)
  2. DuncanMorleyy

    F1 2020 bug deleted pitlane points

    Ok, sorry to drag this on but is it possible to let me know if my pitlane points will be reinstated when the issue is fixed as I’ve been charged for the purchase and have proof of it, I just want to make sure I’m not gonna be charged for something I don’t have and can’t refund as I spent some of them, sorry about not knowing where to report things it’s just everything in the forum is so vague and it’s hard to find the right place to report something and it was really complicated
  3. DuncanMorleyy

    F1 2020 bug deleted pitlane points

    I used both a wheel and controller, I’ve tried 3 times so far to see what is causing this (restarting the game), I’m on xbox one, Version 1.01, the podium pass and item shop icons are red in colour compared to the grey of other accessible tabs and it’s when I click on these that the code I said pops up
  4. At about 2 in the morning I bought 50,000 pitlane points and spent just over 15,000 on a livery and podium pass, but when I returned later in the game stopped me from looking at the podium pass and deleted all my remaining pitlane points can someone kindly let me know what is going on, every time I press on the podium pass I get this pop up -lng_pp_maintenance_body- help would be much appreciated
  5. DuncanMorleyy

    F1 2020 bug

    Please in form someone of this, just after the game was available to play I bought 50,000 pitlane points and after buying the podium pass I had 35,000 left but I went on later to see they had all been deleted this is a serious issue and when I try and acces the item shop and podium pass now it tells me LNG_PP_MAINTENANCE_BODY, it’s deleted something I spent £35 on and if someone can help me it would be much appreciated