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  1. @steviejay69 🤦‍♂️ I had a look about the GHub and it turns out i didn't have the "Centering spring in force feedback games" checked. So that's why there was no spring back and resistance when driving, but i have shut down the computer multiple times and the issue has never returned. Strange though how every time i reinstalled it, it worked. But you definitely do need the GHub to edit your steering angle and to get the wheel recognised in game Only issues i have now is that because the camera in the car selection menu is linked to my brake pedal, it means the camera pans up when picking a car without me touching it, i have to press it to bring the camera back down, do you know of anyway to disable this? Also the normal FFB has gone, i have resistance, but no FFB. Thanks again for the help Oh and P.S, the Steam suggestion you made, the box wasn't checked to begin with. EDIT: Fixed the moving camera issue by combining the pedals in GHub. EDIT2: Turns out that checking the centering spring box means nothing. Going to step away and think about it all. But all seems okay, but as before. You still need the GHub installed and running otherwise you’ll have issues.
  2. I have the latest GHub as for motherboard changes i'm not comfortable with that to be honest. Not sure why i would need to do it anyway, i've never had to before to get a steering wheel to work as intended and i haven't for other games on this PC. It says on the F1 game website that the G29 is supported on PC, or have i misunderstood what you have mean?
  3. @steviejay69 @BarryBL So another day and the issue has arose again. Turned the game on this morning and again no resistance and my button configuration was all wrong. (Clutch pedal was accelerate and the Brake pedal was look back!?) Just to note FFB is always there, it's just that there is no resistance in the wheel, it's like the self centring spring is off. (Each time i make sure it is enabled in GHub) So, i unstalled GHub as i did yesterday, but i thought i would try the game without GHub, i had FFB and resistance but i couldn't alter the steering rotation from 900 degrees. I shut down the PC and restarted to see if the same happened again, but this time the game didn't recognise my G29. Next i reinstalled GHub as Stevie recommended i do, and the game works again as it should, FFB, resistance and everything else. So i thought i would try replicating me shutting down the PC for the night, so i shut down, unplug the PC and left it for a time. Fired it back up and loaded GHub as i did before, then i loaded F1 2020 and the issue was back. So that is No resistance and my pedal config needed changing again. (When everything is working, the pedals are recognised as the accelerator and brake as a little pedal symbol and the clutch as the 0 button. But then it isn't, it recognises the throttle as the -Z axis and the brake and clutch as the pedal symbols)# I next unistalled GHub again, and then reinstalled it and everything was fine again and the buttons/pedals were configured correctly. So it seems i have to uninstall and reinstall GHub everytime i shut down the computer if i want to play F1 2020. The F1 game is also the only game that i have this issue with, my other games all behave as they should with or without GHub, but i need GHub for F1 so i can make the steering rotation adjustments. If there is any advice, recommendations or other steps you'd like me to try i'd greatly appreciate it, but to me it seems as though there is some compatibility issues between the G29 and the game. (Which is a shame as i love what i've sampled so far) Thanks EDIT: Here is a 3rd DxDiag for you to view if needed. I notice that it mentions 2 Logitech G29 wheels, one says USB and the other doesn't. I wonder if the game is recognising the wrong one and therefore behaves differently DxDiag3.txt
  4. Update 3. Had to reinstall GHub, now all seems to work as intended, i can switch between games with no issues after adjusting the steering rotation in GHub. So to anyone else with the issue, try the process Steviejay69 suggested, as this worked for me.
  5. So bit of an update, did as StevieJay said, installed GHub and everything was great, had resistance in the wheel. I then went to try another game to see if that was okay with the GHub, which it was apart from the steering rotation (Which i lowered for F1 2020) Move it back to 900 and all way okay in the other game. So i've come back to F1 2020 with the lowered steering rotation and i have the no resistance issue again. Here is my latest DxDiag if it is any use. DxDiag2.txt
  6. @steviejay69 Brilliant, switched to the GHub and it solved the issue. Fixed a few other things too such as the cars automatically moving the the menus (When selecting a car) Thanks so much! EDIT: Stopped working again 😞
  7. Anything on this guys? Seems a few of us are experiencing the same issue or is there something wrong with my bug report? It was moved from the bug thread to here.
  8. Heva14

    F1 2020 on GTX 950m

    You can check here: https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/amp You can let the site install the system checker, it's perfectly safe. You then should be able to check if you have the required specs to run the game.
  9. Heva14

    Logitech G92 / G920 Recommended In-Game Settings

    Do you have resistance when steering or is it the same as when the wheel is turned off (PC off)? What platform are you on too? Thanks.
  10. Heva14

    F1 2020 AND LOGITECH G920

    That's the video linked above, will try the settings later. But as I said before how come his setting screen is showing a maximum steering rotation slider, but mine on PC is not.
  11. Heva14

    F1 2020 AND LOGITECH G920

    Tried it at 100, made no difference at all.
  12. Heva14

    F1 2020 AND LOGITECH G920

    Thanks, will give it a try, but I noticed he has an slider for maximum wheel rotation where as I don't (On PC Steam). Maybe that has something to do with it 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. DxDiag as requested DxDiag.txt
  14. Heva14

    F1 2020 AND LOGITECH G920

    Having the same thing on the G29, I’m also wondering too if this is normal or a bug (Created bug report too), but it wasn’t like this on 2019.
  15. 1. There seems to be no resistance when steering on the Logitech G29, I've tried changing both overall FFB strength and damper settings but to no avail. All other FFB settings work okay. 2. PC 1.03 3. All game modes 4. 10+, load the game, go to track, low resistance in steering issue is always present. 5. Adjusting the controller vibration settings in game to a variety of combinations (150FFB 100 Damper setting, 100FFB, 0 Damper for example) 6. Logitech G29 7. DxDiag.txt.