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  1. chrisk88

    Monza track limits.

    I'm with you. The track limits are wayyyy off in this game. I've had a couple turns at Monza especially, where 50% of the car isn't even off the track and my lap times are being invalidated. I went back to look at replays because I really thought I wasn't even close to the limits and I was right. It's as if the white line on the track limits isn't calibrated correctly to the coding of the game.
  2. chrisk88

    Podium Pass Season 2

    You only bought the game yesterday and got 15k pitcoins? I preordered the game and still haven't gotten anything.... unbelievable. Congrats though I guess @BarryBL Customer service still hasn't sent anything back to me after I confirmed 2 weeks ago that I pre-ordered the game and there was nothing in the physical case. Can you guys really not do anything for this situation? Username can easily be checked that I haven't entered any preorder codes.
  3. chrisk88

    My Team Car Body Choices

    This was my thought too. From season 1 to season 3 of being at the bottom of the grid to a WDC there's no changes in the physical appearance of the car at all. That just seems odd. Also, I don't think it'd be that difficult for codies to essentially break apart the car models of previous games and give you the options to piece together sections.
  4. chrisk88

    Podium Pass Season 2

    *Crying in Italian* Grazie Ragazzi
  5. chrisk88

    Podium Pass Season 2

    Good point. If it were the Ferrari strategist we'd have Series 2 in 2021
  6. chrisk88

    Podium Pass Season 2

    I don't really understand the extra week in between series. Most people finished series 1 in 3 weeks or so and have just been sitting around with XP accumulating for no reason waiting for the 60 days to finish up. Codies is really all over the place with this game. Doesn't seem to be any real gameplan. Maybe they're trying to find a way to nickel and dime users to make up for all the lost revenue of Project Cars 3
  7. chrisk88

    Continuing PitCoin Issue

    @BarryBL Anything else I can do for this? There was never a paper in the game case, and GameStop does not have anything to do with packaging. I don't even have the 70th anniversary DLC content that people buying them game now are getting and I preordered it. Really disappointed with the lack of customer service from CM.
  8. chrisk88

    Continuing PitCoin Issue

    I've emailed customer service multiple times and constantly been told it's my problem to work out with GameStop, even though GameStop has confirmed they don't touch or assemble their games once they're received from manufacturer. It's pretty frustrating going on almost a month of waiting on getting any preorder items whether it's the 10K pitcoins, or even the 70th anniversary branded items. What else is there for me to do to get this to move forward?
  9. @BarryBL I pre-ordered a physical 70th Anniversary Edition at a local Gamestop here in the US for Xbox One. No redeemable code came in the case, only the disc was in the box. I've emailed back and forth with customer service and they told me that I wouldn't be eligible for the Xbox code to get my 15k pitcoins because something should have come in my case. Nothing did, I confirmed with Gamestop that they don't control what does and doesn't come in their games, since they come straight from the manufacturer. My account clearly shows no promo codes being entered and I still can't get a response from Codies CS after a week of explaining this. Looking for some help here. Username: ApexPred458 Console: Xbox One Version: 70th Anniversary Physical Copy Preorder Date: 7/6/2020
  10. Does this include massive frame rate drops under safety cars on Xbox One? I've been seeing a ton of low graphic issues with the game on my system too.
  11. chrisk88

    F1 2020 Preorder Bonus Query

    It took a little over 24 hours for a response, but even then they told me I wouldn't get a code, and that I should enter the DLC code from the game box, which I obviously would have done if there was anything in the game box other than the disc.
  12. chrisk88

    F1 2020 Preorder Bonus Query

    Same. I did shoot codies customer service an email like Barry said.
  13. chrisk88

    We need a pitcoin update please?

    Was wondering this myself. Seems like we haven't heard anything on this for awhile.
  14. chrisk88

    Pit Coins

    I'm a little concerned with the response Barry put out today regarding xbox pitcoins. I preordered a physical copy of the 70th Ann edition and he made it seem as though only the people who preordered digitally were getting the pitcoins on xbox. Does anyone know if I'm misunderstanding their post?
  15. chrisk88

    15000 pitcoins missing

    Dude relax, it's such a minor aspect of the game. Why do you think they'd respond your email specifically when they're already sending out mass notes that they're aware of the problem and working on a solution. The game having a bug is not the same thing as buying something in a store and it actually not working. So tired of entitled assholes on the internet. The game is solid, there's a small problem with pitcoin system. You'll get all of the VIP items once the bug is fixed. Congrats that your life is so perfect that you need to complain THIS much about such a minor inconvenience.