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  1. Sounds like a 5.1 thing. Jeff is on center channel. I would change my pc sound setting to stereo and retry it
  2. Vstorm07

    Season Mode

    On PC. You can save your game file after each gran price race in windows. Then you can play other races if you wish just paste the saved file back over when you are ready to resume your championship season. It’s a drag. Codemasters should have given us at least 2 save slots….. but it does work and let you do both if you want to.
  3. Good luck. This topic has been vague for years…. Must be intentional. I use a triple 27 inch screens setup about 90 cm from my driver seat to screen. -20 is the best I can get. It’s real close to what I see on AC (and you can get the wheel in if you want which is a plus)
  4. I've got over 800 hours on f1 2019 thru F1 2021. I use a TM F1 wheel with TLCM pedals. I have consistently minimal tire wear no matter what I do. If I run the practice program it is always in the purple. I use no assists. I feel like I am braking as late as possible. I brake heavy at the end of long straights and moderately on other corners . I occasionally lock up my fronts. I usually play with a stock setup (Preset 3 in most cases) and sometimes tilt brake bias forward to 58 or 56. I've been reluctant to start customizing too much because I was looking for consistency in lap times. I'
  5. I ran Silverstone with Lewis to set a baseline. Started 4th. Passed SP and VB late and held off VB by .7 sec. Lost to MV by 2 seconds. Pretty sweet. Probably would have won in real life since VB would have been ordered to let me pass. Started career with Ferrari (replaced CS). Bahrain qual 5th and within .3 of Charles. Qual in Spain 7th within .3 of Charles. Races have been too notch on triple screens. Had a race ending mechanical failure on lap 29 while running 4th right after being bumped by MV. Got to admit it hurt when it happened. Spain finished 8 with lots of wheel to wheel wit
  6. I updated the firmware. Then I updated the thrustmaster driver. The I navigated to the 2021 dx12 executable in the steam apps/ common directory and created a shortcut. Fixed my ffb on the t300.. you may not have to do all these things but that’s what I did.
  7. I couldn’t even get mad about being taking out of the race. An AI car spinning out right in front of me and almost impossible to avoid. Hopefully there is more of this than the previous games. IMG_0894.MOV
  8. You can try throttle linear in the controller settings Somewhere between 25 and 50
  9. I use triple screens at an adjusted 7812 x 1440. That’s a lot of pixels. With ultra graphics I was getting about 38 frames per second. Playable. At high graphics I get close to 60 with no real loss in quality that I can see at 300 kph. It is very possible your frame rate is getting too low. If it does your game will crash. If possible run the benchmark and see what frames your getting.
  10. I have the f1 Ferrari wheel. I put in on the topmost rightmost button (the orange button). I think it’s nine or ten. I put DRS on the leftmost green button opposite.
  11. Cool. That’s what I thought too. It seems weird to me that I wouldn’t be using it out off slow corners but would be in higher gears.
  12. I’ve always played with manual overtake. Yesterday I bumped the AI level up so I put overtake on manual short term so I could concentrate just on pace. I observed that the Auto OT was on at times I didn’t use it. My question is is the does anyone know if the AUto OT usage is accurate and consistent with how real drivers use it? If so I’ve been way off. I have usually used Overtake coming out of corners in low gears and killed it at around six of 7th. I was in Barcelona and observed the Ai using it more often in higher gears for shorter durations. Seemed like a drastically different approach to
  13. I bought a set of the Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals recently if you are going to buy a separate base and pedals I’d go with the TLcm.... they are great. I use them with a 300 rim and F1 wheel in a Next level F1-GT. I’m pretty happy with it.
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