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  1. Vstorm07

    Triple screen

    I use triple screens at an adjusted 7812 x 1440. That’s a lot of pixels. With ultra graphics I was getting about 38 frames per second. Playable. At high graphics I get close to 60 with no real loss in quality that I can see at 300 kph. It is very possible your frame rate is getting too low. If it does your game will crash. If possible run the benchmark and see what frames your getting.
  2. Vstorm07

    Thrustmaster 300RS Buttons - where to put overtake?

    I have the f1 Ferrari wheel. I put in on the topmost rightmost button (the orange button). I think it’s nine or ten. I put DRS on the leftmost green button opposite.
  3. Vstorm07

    Overtake Usage Question

    Cool. That’s what I thought too. It seems weird to me that I wouldn’t be using it out off slow corners but would be in higher gears.
  4. Vstorm07

    Overtake Usage Question

    I’ve always played with manual overtake. Yesterday I bumped the AI level up so I put overtake on manual short term so I could concentrate just on pace. I observed that the Auto OT was on at times I didn’t use it. My question is is the does anyone know if the AUto OT usage is accurate and consistent with how real drivers use it? If so I’ve been way off. I have usually used Overtake coming out of corners in low gears and killed it at around six of 7th. I was in Barcelona and observed the Ai using it more often in higher gears for shorter durations. Seemed like a drastically different approach to what I thought I should be doing. Any thoughts appreciated.
  5. Vstorm07

    Remove 3 tracks and add your own 3 .

    Monaco Baku Hanoi Hockenheim Bathurst Portugal
  6. Vstorm07

    Option to disable Halo

    I race in cockpit with halo on. After about 4 races you don’t notice it anymore. It’s probably more of a hinderance in the game than to an actual F1 driver but having it off IMO distracts from immersion and besides it looks goofy with it off because it’s still kind of there. Like I said took me about 4 races to get used to it. Not a problem at all anymore.
  7. Racing in the rain. The first time I entered the pit I got a 10 second penalty for exceeding track limits. I came in pretty quick figured I probably earned it. Smashed my wing on a wall. Had to put again. Came in much slower.... same thing. I didn’t think I earned that one. Race gets away from me.... track sucks.... so I decide to enter a third time and see what’s up. I come in super slow. Once again 10 seconds for exceeding track limits. I’m positive I stayed between the lines. Did I miss something? Track is hard enough without extra penalties.
  8. Vstorm07

    How do you qualify?

    Used to use short qual. Now use full. I qual usually with Leclerc at an AI level higher than I race. If I win poll I raise AI by 5. If I don’t make q2 I drop AI 10. If I finish in q2 I drop 5 if I make q3 I keep AI the same. So far my races are competitive with finishes from 3-15. Since the Ferrari nerf I seem to average about 5-7 in overall points. found this easier than comparing charts online.
  9. Vstorm07

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    F-GT with triple 27’s and a bass shaker. 3 monitors made such a big difference. I had a 55 inch tv.... no comparison.
  10. Vstorm07

    Throttle at 100 - how to solve this?

    I had this issue with my pedals when I switched to PC from PS4. I found a setting (I think it was in the control panel not the game) that said invert or something similar. It fixed it.
  11. Vstorm07

    1.09 is out [PC]

    I had an AI McLaren crash into Vettel exiting pit lane right in front of me. Had to swerve to miss hitting them. It was pretty awesome. Haven’t seen that before.
  12. Vstorm07

    What camera do you use?

    I use cockpit with no halo. A semi transparent halo would be great. Realistic FOV. No assists. No map lines or tags. I do have proximity arrows and the virtual mirror. One thing I did that I like is I moved the virtual mirror to the lower left portion of my screen similar to looking into an actual mirror. I’ve found I don’t like anything at the top of the screen. I find it distracting while racing.
  13. Vstorm07

    Tyre strategy midrace

    You can press your radio button and then say “set softs/ mediums/ hards/intermediates or wets” anytime before your next stop and they will change your strategy. You can also change it in the MFD but saying it is easier
  14. Vstorm07

    Logitech G29 vs. Thrustmaster T300RS GT wheel

    I bought a set of the Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals recently if you are going to buy a separate base and pedals I’d go with the TLcm.... they are great. I use them with a 300 rim and F1 wheel in a Next level F1-GT. I’m pretty happy with it.