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  1. Lammiwinks

    Crossplay between platforms

    I too would love Crossplay! Come on Codies! Would love to join leagues with my Xbox and PC friends.
  2. Lammiwinks

    Communicating with online services

    So I made a vid of how painful this is in MyTeam: Steps to replicate: Play multiplayer before doing my team. Platform: PS4 / 1.04 Fix: restart game.
  3. Lammiwinks

    Sponsor Logo color on Racing Suit

    It’s messed up. My sponsor decals on my car are red, yet my sponsor logos on my suit are a dark red. Something is off with the colour mapping.
  4. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here When launching the game before I hit the main menu I am on “communicating with online services” going around and around. Restarting the game or console doesn’t help And as such I cannot play the game at all. 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.04 / PS4 Pro / Schumacher edition. 3. Game-mode? Not able to get into a game mode 4. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. Tried 5 times. Simply launch the game. 5. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue Power cycling the console and restarting the game. 6. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) PS4 controller, Astro A50 headset. 7. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. No
  5. Lammiwinks

    Race Suit / Helmet Sponsor Colour issue

    Second this. Seeing yellow sponsors too. I also made a thread on it!
  6. Lammiwinks

    Change race length between sessions

    You can only change this between weekends. I believe it’s always been this way (or intended to be!). The problem is it adjusts the lengths of the other sessions so needs to be consistent... to not break things like durability! Manage your durability through the upgrades...
  7. AT the moment they are stuck on yellow!
  8. Depending on engine selected etc.
  9. Lammiwinks

    Easy instant replay of events

    It would be amazing if a crash, penalty, or engine failure etc happens to have a quick and easy way to replay these. I know you can use the existing replay but it needs all sorts of hunting around and swapping between cars ❤️
  10. Lammiwinks

    Save colour presets

    Yes please! I also notice you can’t change all the colours. I.e I’m getting yellow sponsors on my suit despite not having yellow selected anywhere.
  11. Lammiwinks

    Unrealistic AI crashes

    Please don’t change this! I actually love that the AI makes mistakes and safety cars come out this year. Loving the unpredictability!