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  1. I've tried using both my normal controller and a USB keyboard. I'm happy to accept it's a bug, slightly annoying but it might sort itself out. Cheers for the help
  2. Hi, the controller I'm using is my Logitech G920 wheel, with the in-game virtual keyboard. I will try entering my IP address with the standard Xbox Controller or failing that, a plug in USB keyboard
  3. I'm using my Logitech G920, if that's what you are asking?
  4. • when trying to link my SIM Dashboard app to run with F1 2021, I'm unable to add my IP address, which follows the format xxx.xxx.x.xxx, whilst the game only accepts IP addresses in the format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx • IP address invalid format • Xbox One • all game modes, including menus • tried resetting my internet and phone, but my IP address remains the same. Tried adding 00 before or after my single digit. • Settings, telemetry, turn on, update IP address (mine is xxx.xxx.x.xxx) but the game doesn't accept the format and tells me it's invalid.
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