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  1. In that case the Game is looking at it that the Player should use *both* the required compounds while the rules say it should only need one of the 2? Actually wait, I think you've identified the issue; What if the game is identifying that last part as a must? So you must use the harder of the required compounds? So if the required tires are Medium and Hard, using Soft and Hard would be fine, but Soft and Medium would not.. While the rules might state you can use only one of the tires, if the game is taking that you have to use the Harder of the required compounds then that wou
  2. I believe I have identified the issue with this bug, as well as an additional bug that stems from it. The Automatic Strategies that the game generates for each race does not Include the *Required* compounds that are shown when you choose to edit the strategy. For example, on Bahrain, the Auto strategies given to me were 2 Soft compounds and 1 Medium compound, or 1 Soft compound and 2 Medium Compounds. When I edited the strategy the Tire allocations showed that the Medium and Hard compounds were required choices, and if I did not have Pit Stops with those tire compounds, it would not allow me t
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