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  1. Lol it will be the same 7 . He only showed he's loosing his skill when he came back . He made more mistakes than a rookie on his return . So going off his performance when he was partner to rosberg . Plus he would be in his 50s now
  2. PaulLynch

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    It should be that all teams are level on performance when fully upgraded . Maybes . The Merc teams with a bit better chassis . Then Ferrari teams with a bit better power unit . Then the independent teams Renault and redbull having a bit better aero than rivals . That would mix it up race by race . Could be interesting
  3. PaulLynch

    Race starts are too easy?

    I'm having opposite affect . First 2 season starts were ok . Was picking up a couple of places off the line . But started 3rd season and it's the opposite I'm loosing a couple of places off the line . And it's not like I've forgetting how to get off the line over night . Half way threw the season 16 races and I haven't picked up a place yet of the line . In Monza I was going from 2nd to 10th before first corner I most of done at least 30 starts there trying different settings and it was the same every time . I play on medium TC and auto gears . How far developed is your car
  4. PaulLynch

    Option to disable Halo

    Agree you can turn the centre pilar off in cockpit view . So don't see why you can't turn it off for TV pod . The could just ghost it from driving view but from out side it's still there . I can't see out of my right side. Mirror because of it
  5. PaulLynch

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    I take it you never played any of the EA F1 games what the designed back in the early 2000 to 2004 . . Of the updated the graphics and physics to modern times I would quit happily buy the F1 games the designed in 04 . The were just more open .manual pit stops and it was manual where you had to do the full pit stop your self .no A1 taking over . I'm looking forward to seeing what the van do . With it . I've bought every F1. Game . And especially the past couple of year I haven't completed career . Not because it's too long . But too boring after a few seasons . The just isn't any imagination to story mode . It doesn't even feel like a career. So I'm really hoping EA brings some immersion to it as most of the time I just feel as if driving in a circle . You get your first win in a midfield car and the game doesn't even mention it
  6. PaulLynch

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    It's not. Because the are the best . It's because the are the only game studios developing the game . If you want to play a game you have no. Choice but to buy it of the developer that made it as that's the only developer that had designed the game weather you like the company or not . People don't buy the F1 game of codies because the are the best . It's because the is no other company allowed to make it . I rember when ea used to design the F1 game . Back then if was great it had more freedoms than any codies F1 game . I rember having to do manual pit stops stuff like that . I'm hoping the design it the way the used to in the 2004 I don't think the will be much change in next year's game but 2022 should see EA make there mark in it .
  7. PaulLynch

    Race starts are too easy?

    How far is your car developed I used to think the starts were easy . But over the past season . S2 and now car is 70 percent developed I'm really struggling with race starts at first I was picking up a couple of places of the line every time . Were now I'm at least loosing a couple of places of the line every time . . When done a race Monza I kept on dropping from 2nd to 10th by first cornet . Must of done that start at least 30 attempts at it changing car set up to thing different things . And nothing improved it . I play on medium TC and auto gears and abs . It seems to me the more you develop the harder the starts . Where on theory of should be other round . All I know is o didn't get. **** at the starts over night
  8. PaulLynch

    Out lap and in lap AI

    No you still have have normal wear on the components wether it's simulated or not . How is your gearboxes wear just asking as I generally do 25 percent races along with 50 if liking the track do 16 race seasons . And I can do 9 races . Using the same gearbox . With out applying 1 gearbox upgrade . But to Ur question your drivetrain and engine still wear when are takes over
  9. PaulLynch

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    It's leclerc that's over powerd in my team . Ferrari have the 3rd fastest car on performance chart just behind me and Merc is 2 ultimate upgrades ahead at least a canny gap . And yet it was Ferrari and Charles I was fighting for the title last season . Honestly it went to the last race I had an 19 point advantage over leclerc . What happend thow is I ended up skipping qusli by mistake . First time o done that as well . Any ways Charles starts 3 rd while. I'm at the back . Leclerc won the race on the last lap while I just managed to get 7th on the lady corner of the lady lap kinds like how Lewis won his title in 08 . But going of the cars performance it should of been Merc fighting for the title . But it wasent it wax Ferrari and leclerc . But his teammate never got 1 podium he was always finishing out side of podium .
  10. I've had an problem with the commentary on race day . Since release most of the time I don't get any . I liked watching the pre race and having a listen to the commentators . Before race . It kinda builds the race up a bit . And it adds a bit immersion to it . The one thing I hate about career . Is the isn't really any kind of story to it . I'd like when a drivers gets his first podium or win . In RL it's a big thing . Were in game you get your first win .and you never get asked about it . And it's never mentioned .like everything in life it's the little details that make the difference
  11. PaulLynch

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    Been able to adjust base performance . And rnd speed is a brilliant idea . . Even just the rnd speed . Could make it a lot more interesting and you.could shape the grid which ever way you want . But then saying that ain't the fetching some type of developing token system out next year . So going to be interesting how that's pit into the game
  12. PaulLynch

    25% Races A.I. Hard Tyres ?!

    Rember doing race in China . I pitted on lap 5 if rember correct . My teammate Russel pitted on lap 9 he and another driver were the only drivers to stay out that long on softs . When he came in I expected him to come out on medium and to challenge me as he came out a few secs behind is only to notice he had the hards on . And was dropping away from is . Just thought how ridiculas that wax with the been only 5 laps left . Also is it me or why my team mate always pits after me . It's very rare hes madea stop before is I generally have to pit early . So Russel pits and doesn't loose a load of positions from staying out too long on the tyres . It would be good if we could set out teammates strategy or choose who pits first . This game has so much potential . To improve and immerse the player so much more . But the developers just don't care as long as the is a base game out . It would be so much better . Just adding team orders and a bit more access o er your teammate . Like strategy's . But honestly I've seen drivers stop out on old softs then to pit from few laps from end only to pit the hards on
  13. PaulLynch

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    Dude you got the nail on the head . I've been wanting player failures for a good few year now . But have it were it will only happen in the first quarter of race . As having a failure 2 laps from end would be guttering . But also the time you spend doing the race having it in first few laps it wouldent be that bad as you haven't put as much time in the race
  14. PaulLynch

    Race starts are ruining my experience with Codemasters' games

    Hi yeah my chassis is 6 upgrades from been fully upgraded . Have the best chassis on performance chart . Level with Merc . Same for engine as well . As far as aero goes I haven't put as much into that 6 th fastest I think .I have no plans on focusing on the aero too much as I'm trying to design a car that is good on high speed tracks . And average on high downforce . . In the hopes it keeps the title fight alive and to add a big of variability to the game . The only things I upgraded in aero is to do with the drag and drs for better straight line speed . Also one minor upgrade in aero could put is from 6th too 2nd in chart . Bit I want to have some tracks where the car isn't the strongest . Thanks for the info I'll try it next I'm on it
  15. PaulLynch

    Hanoi dropped from 2021 calendar

    The should have all the tracks that got the last minute call up for this year . As the best races have been on the one off tracks . Especially mogull would love to see that track back . Bit of a thought I had early in the season is why don't the FIA throw 1 or 2 joker tracks in . Where the teams only know where the are racing when it comes time to ship the equipment there . The FIA can keep an empty slot on calender then the drivers and teams have an option to vote on a hand full of tracks with the winner been announced when the shipping date comes