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  1. PaulLynch


    If Lewis doesn't finish ahead off max . It's pretty much Max's .unless he has a dnf in last race which I find very unlikely . As rdr seem to have better wear than Merc . I'm hoping that Merc take both titles . And if they do then the have done it against the odds . Every rule change this year . Was to disadvantage Merc while helping out other teams . I just hope max doesn't get the title . Mainly because I don't believe all the hype that's been made about him . Lewis just needs to be carefull not to give max the opportunity . To crash into him . As we seen how desperate max got in Brazil . If
  2. It went opposite for me started off between 88 and 95 . Onto season 3 and I'm between 70 and 86 at highest level
  3. Have you upgraded reliability . I feel your pain . At first race off season . Bahrain . Season 3 leading the race . Till after first pit stop then turbo breaks . I've had it happen a couple off times . Where I've had 3 laps from end off 50 percent race where something breaks . Before season 3 I never touched the reliability . Bit since put a few upgrades on I haven't had any issues yet . After 7 races . Where previouse seasons it would be at least 1 in 5 races . It's annoying when it happens especially when you are enjoying the race . But it's all part off the experience .
  4. Out off 2 and a half seasons . I've only had about 10 races where I had the difficulty set correctly . The rest it was always to high . In first season it wasent that bad with having a back field car . And a **** team mate . My first 4 rivalry I lost . Because I couldent get the difficulty right . . I was same started on 90 95 diff . Where now I'm down in the low 80 70 . The main problem is once you load the race . You can't go back to change the difficulty . Where you could on previous versions .
  5. Finished the race last night . It was very bumpy down the main straight . But can't rember it been bad any where else . Done a 50 percent race 1/ stop soft medium . With about 70 percent tyre wear on rears . Medium tc . China on the other hand seemed more like what you have mentioned . In my experience . .
  6. I'm in my 3rd . Season bottas has only won one championship in my team that was in first season . Think he won it by Singapore . Such was his advantage . So from 2nd season once I got close enough to the Merc . I would take him out on purpose . Or force him into taking another pit stop . Just to stop him from winning every thing
  7. I've had Russel for 2 seasons now . He finished ahead off me last season . Mainly because it took is to season to figure out my difficulty setting . And a few reliability issues on my end . He's got an 99 rating now .the biggest rated player . He gets the job done and doesn't make to many mistakes
  8. Apparently Merc had to adjust the floor of there car . After fp1 . Cause the bumps . Were damaging it . Which cost them a fair bit off lap time . But going off turkey where rdr were expecting to be stronger . Looks as if Merc have found there way again . I just find it funny how rdr are constantly going to the stewards to get then to investigate any little detail Merc change . While Merc are just going about there own business . I really hope max doesn't win the title . I don't believe all the hype around him . Looking forward to seeing what Russel can do next year .
  9. Thats how I started . With everything on low . Am at end off season 2 now . 2 races left . And I have around 19 to 20 upgrades . On every department . Apart from reliability . I'm at top off performance chart . Level with . Merc rdr and Ferrari . Having a good fight with Ferrari . For 3rd . Got no teg changes for next year . I signed Russel at start off season . And haven't had any crazy driver transfer . Apart from Riccardo . Moving to Williams . When o got Russel . And vettel took his McLaren's seat who is retiring at end off this season . I'm hoping it doesn't trigger any crazy driver mov
  10. PaulLynch


    Is anyone having there teammates . Taking there penalty for them . Had to change electronic control unit . In Mexico .got pole . While my teammate Russel got 5th . Come race day . I was expecting to start 11th . But I started 5th while Russel took my penalty. And started 11th . And also a few races before that I forgot . To change some components before quali . And had to change them after . Which meant I had to start from back . . I did start from back . But before race driver line ups . It had is starting from where I qualified . Instead off back . Since last patch the penalty system seems
  11. I had the issue other day on Xbox series x . I had quick resume on . I completely closed the Game and restarted it . It fixed the issue . It has happend a couple off times . When I've done a quick resume . Try restarting game . It worked for me
  12. Can you do the full 10 seasons . In championship mode . Or is it single season . I want to be able to transfer to diffrent teams . So can try and create my own performance for each team .
  13. Sounds to me your difficulty is too low . Hence rear ending the cars in front . I have to lower my difficulty on off tracks . And just for the sake off one or 2 corners in the tracks that I can't take like the A1 . And loose too much time . So end up lowering the difficulty . To make up for the tine lost in that 1 corner . What j do at start is once pulled away once get close to the corner . Freewheel the car just before breaking zone . Makes it easier at worst you will loose a position or 2 . But should be able to get them back up . I feel your pain with them flashbacks rhow . I'must off
  14. Have you checked for tyres over heating . I'm half way threw S2 . In first season . I never really had problems . With tyres over heating . But I have noticed the past few races . Im having trouble tqirg tyre over heating . Which never happend on sane circuits in first season . I have upgraded the chassis . Every thing that can be done upto spec 3 . as soon as I have done the first Lao my tyres start over heating .
  15. So it doesn't look like they ate going to nurf the mighty bottas . In game you would think it was bottas with 7 titles to his name . And broke every record . In F1 . In previous games it wasent an issue as . Every season one driver would out perform his teammate . Then the following season . It would be the other driver . But that doesn't seem to be the case in this year's game . Who ever is doing these driver ratings is other . A bot fan . Or Lewis hater . Even with Merc having the 3rd fastest car botras is still winning every race .
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