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  1. B25

    Podium Pass Season 2

    Fernando Alonso voice: It's a joke. A joke. If you're delayed with the release, at least properly communicate when it's available. It's been moved twice already and now it just says '1 day' for the past two days.. Again. Fernando Alonso voice: What a joke.
  2. B25

    New helmet models

    Yeah, other models would be really cool. But what bothers me is the actual designs of the helmet. Most look really silly if you compare them to real life drivers. Even the designs look silly compared to what racing drivers generally wear. The addition of sponsors and logo in MyTeam has been an improvement, but then the negative aspect of that is that they have the same colors as they have on the livery, which might look really ugly on your helmet design/color scheme. Also, they got rid of some of the better models (IMO) they had in previous games such as 'Slashes', 'Racing Line', 'Chicane' and 'Wild Thing' (my fav). A few of the special additions are an improvement, but in general I find the helmets to be severly lacking compared to a lot of other features in the game. It would be cool to have personal sponsors in Career mode (same as in MyTeam) and add them to your helmet, as the helmets look very empty now compared to what you have in MyTeam. It would also be cool that when you play career mode for RB, you have a helmet design that includes the RB logo (or AlphaTauri, or Mercedes/Ferrari) logo on the helmet. Gives it a bit more of real feel. And I like the idea of an online connection with your codemasters account, where you can design a helmet and link it in-game. Such as game-face in other games. That would be an awesome solution.
  3. Still the same for me. Just had a look.
  4. I get the same error messages. After that it says my connection to PS Network has been broken, but that’s not the case. Still no fix. Can’t access podium pass at all. ps. they really screwed up with the default helmets.. the model I have used for years.. gone. Now gotta choose one of the crappy ones that are left.