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  1. xirdneHimiJ

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    It feels like these kinds of issues should have been dealt with a long time ago. I had absolutely no problems joining a session until yesterday, since then I'm unable to join any multiplayer session, it's just the waiting screen forever. I had not made any changes on my computer overnight. I've done all the checks and updates since, no success. Of course the Steam family account workaround works, but as I have all my settings and setups (plus contacts) on my main account, I'd like to continue using that. Today's new game update hasn't solved the problem. Any advice on overcoming this would be welcome, if it's possible at all from my side. Edit: As I was told from the lobby owner's point of view I appear to have joined the lobby but it never loads for me. I get no error code either, just "error, failed to join the session". Edit 2: Apparently like a previous poster said, deleting all your saves indeed solves the problem. Deletes all your setups too which is a pain, and your trophies that were difficult to get, but oh well. Too much work because of an unexplicable bug that singles out individuals.
  2. xirdneHimiJ

    Some things I'd like to see

    Multiplayer: - It'd be nice to be able to manually join lobbies, like previously. - The rating system is a step in the good direction, but 1. Something should be done with players who just push you sideways off the track and don't get any kind of punishment for it. I'm talking players with "S" next to their names, yet having little interest in actual racing. 2. The punishment for corner cutting and going off track is disproportionately harsh compared to contact. It's easy to drop out of "S" even when you're a fair driver, but do the occasional corner cut. - When trying have a player kicked from a lobby, it'd be nice to be able to give a reason so others can see what they're voting for. I mean it's not very fair to kick someone for being too fast? - Since the last update, the missing frames during race issue is back when somebody joins/leaves. - There's still the issue of you trying to join a ranked lobby, the system finds one, says connecting to "username" 100% and just stays like that indefinitely and you're forced to quit and reload. Same thing with waiting for people's screens to load and whatnot. We're still stuck between screens for minutes when somebody has a bad connection or just quits etc. - I'm sure I'm not the first one to bring this up, but I would really like players who use assists be separated from those who don't. I'm fine racing against those with a racing line or pit assist, but not those who need help with the actual handling of the car. It's sort of a guarantee of a first corner takeout. Like medium and below, advanced and above, something like that. - The leagues that I've found so far by searching are all full of people not showing up ever, yet the leagues continue to be active. The should be deleted so people are able to find real active leagues. - Cheaters. We all know Berrinha and Szega, and a couple more like them. Just ban them permanently please. It's not like there are hundreds of these people who are so blatant so it's not a huge amount of money for Codemasters to lose. Keep the time trial rankings clean please. Single & multi: - It gets boring quickly, in a big part thanks to the complete domination of Mercedes and in a lesser extent Verstappen. I'd like to be able to create a championship/career where I have the same lineup but with equal cars. I'd like to be able to set them all to a certain car's level. Of course you have this in unranked lobbies (and of course they're all the best cars available), but how much nicer it would be if you could set the whole grid to be at the level of the Williams for example? This stands for both multi and single player. You will most likely get a lot more people doing time trials if you had a ranking for each car as well? - Car development is too easy. I understand that the game needs to be fun even for less experienced players, but then you need difficulty levels. Already in season 3 the car gets insanely good and even undriveable. Of course we have the rule changes but since you know you're gonna get them, it's easy to prepare for that. - Championship mode can be a lot of fun, but we need more options.
  3. Thing is, it works perfectly for 2-3 weeks, then the next weekend it's error time. Then it's good again, then not. It's definitely not our gear, it's theirs.
  4. Happening today as well, I can't believe my time is wasted like this.
  5. xirdneHimiJ

    Singapore - amazing!!!

    Well, the cheater is still doing this week in, week out. When will they do something about this???
  6. Same here, only vanilla version works. I wonder if a re-install would solve this, but downloading 25+gb would take ages, I'd rather wait 3 days to make sure...